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Obamacare Child Sterilization Begins‏ Obamacare Begins Child Sterilization, Without Parental Consent By Stephanie Zawada, Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) 8/16/2012 Catholic Online (http://www.catholic.org) Scandalous provision quietly takes effect in Oregon. With back-to-school season in full swing across the nation, parents in Oregon have more to worry about than shopping for sweaters and purchasing pencils. In… Dick Retta 08/31/12 0
16th Street Chronicles - Total saves so far - 16 Total number of saves so far during 40 Days for Life is 16. 16th STREET CHRONICLES-, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.  No. of sidewalk counselors: 1 (Dick)  No. of prayer warriors;  3(Tom, Carolyn, Brett) No. of deathscorts:  4 No. of abortion minded women:… Dick Retta 11/04/11 0
The Hillcrest Report: Saturday, April 4, 11, 2009 The HILLCREST REPORT - April 4, 11, 2009   * 155 innocent neighborhood children killed, because God gave them the gift of life.   * 155 abortive women emotionally, spiritually and/0r physically wounded.     * 6 children narrowly escaped the child killing frenzy.     DR.BERNARD NATHANSON SAID, IN… Dick Retta 04/29/09 0
Hillcrest Report - March Update Catch-up! Again in an effort to get back on schedule, this report will cover the weeks ending March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 and will be a short form, mainly covering the activities of the various abortion mills usually reported on. I apologize for getting so far behind schedule.… Dick Retta 05/20/08 0