Pro-Life Unity

§ Life Principles

All innocent human life is sacred, born or unborn, with or without birth defects. Innocent life must always be protected from scientific and medical research.

Unity and Action Conference - Less Talk, More Action

The Pro-Life Unity and Action Conference will unite Pro-Life leaders around the country and the world to help us figure out how to better work together to achieve our common goals. What are these goals?

  • Establish a set of Life Principles which we all agree on, based on our united goal of challenging the culture of death, no exception, no compromise
  • End abortion
  • Stop euthanasia
  • Stop Stem Cell research
  • Stop gender selection
  • Challenge all experimentation which involves the scientific creation or manipulation of human beings.
  • Elect leaders who support our cause and remove those from office who claim to be defenders of LIFE but instead use us for political gain.
  • Agree to unite and support local action efforts once a month

    Why should we unite for this effort? Because all of us working together, will be much more powerful than all of us working on our own separate piece of the Pro-Life puzzle. Here are some of the ways we work separately:

  • Street protests with signs
  • Abortion mill protests - prayers or other
  • Education
  • Church reachout
  • School reachout
  • Political (PACs)
  • Political - Voter drives and education
  • Truth trucks and protests
  • Life Chain
  • Crosswalk
  • Defend Life

    And more. We are all pieces of the Pro-Life puzzle. It is time for us to come together and complete the picture. We will strategize our direction and how we can support each other.

    What are some things we can do for each other?

    1) We can promote each others efforts. If you are an education site you can work with other educations sites and also put out action calls for groups that have similar beliefs. If you are an action site you can promote education sites and you can also list action calls for other groups to help them with their efforts.

    2) We can unite in a once-a-month Call for Life, such as that offered by Other Pro-Life organizations such as Crosswalk, Life Chain and Defend Life can benefit from our united promotional capabilities to help build their numbers for their efforts. The once a month Call for Life can also be used as a targeted, united effort where we support individual organizations to increase the numbers for that effort on that day. As our numbers grow, more individual efforts can be supported in the Monthly Call for Life.

    3) We can create "For Life" organizations who agree with our life principles in every state so that state-wide efforts are targeted.

    4) Action calls will be listed instantly and automatically on all web sites of individuals and organizations who become members of

    First and foremost we are all Pro-Life and we must work together to achieve our common goals. United we will gain strength.

    It's not about us. It's about the thousands of human beings who won't live today because of abortion. It's about the countless others who die because of In Vitro fertilization, birth control, euthenasia, experimentation and more.

    We must set aside our differences for those who need us, those who won't live another day.