Arizona Action Calls

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"); document.write('Santorum Provides Sound Advice for McCain * '); document.write("An article posted today at the Ethics and Public Policy Center by Rick Santorum provides some excellent advice to the McCain Campaign and to the Senator himself. Santorum points out that there are some areas in the McCain approach to issues that could benefit from some updating, given the current situation as relating to those issues. Obviously he brings up the issue of stem cell research which has seen scientific advances and studies that have reconfigured the focus in just one year. He also addresses other matters of importance to conservative voters.
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Pro-Life Action Calls

'); document.write('Call to defund Planned Parenthood Now * '); document.write("Father Frank Pavone Pro-Life Alert - Click here to Call Congress Now to defund Planned Parenthood and save babies!
"); document.write('Abortion Macht Frei * '); document.write("