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40 Days For Life Spring Campaign Nevada

Overcoming the evil of abortion through Prayer, Fasting & Vigils

imageAnyone interested in saving 420 babies from the vacuums, surgical shears and poisons of America's abortion mills over the next 7 weeks? How about inspiring 5 abortion clinic employees to walk out on their jobs? Or having an instrumental part in the permanent closing of one abortion clinic? All without even having to raise your voice above a prayer?

That is the magnitude of the opportunity offered by this Spring’s 40 Day’s For Life Campaign. On average, those are the victories achieved by each of the semi-annual 40 Day Campaigns.

Abortion is an intrinsic evil, insidiously cloaked as a freedom by Satan, the “father of liars” (John 8:22), which has become embedded in our society. Evil of such depth, Jesus tells us, “does not come out except by prayer and fasting”. (Matthew 17:21)

That is the basis for 40 Days For Life Campaigns to overcome the evil of abortion - Personal Prayer, Fasting and Constant Prayer Vigils conducted outside abortion clinics.

The 40 Days For Life Campaign Spring 2012 will be conducted from February 22 through April 1.

In Nevada the 40 Days Spring Campaign is centered in Reno-Tahoe while the Fall Campaign is conducted from Las Vegas.

A kick-off rally for the Reno Spring Campaign was held on Sunday. The event was covered by two local papers and attracted television coverage for the first time. Reports indicate that the media was very neutral and fair in their coverage, which is not always the case.

Carson City will be holding their kick-off rally on Wednesday, 6:30 pm, in front of the new Planned Parenthood, located at 1201 N Stewart Street.

For more information visit the Carson City, Reno-Tahoe Campaign Website or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Though the Nevada Spring Campaign is officially centered in the northern part of the state, we will be posting a list of all abortion clinics in NV so local pro-life groups can organize their own prayer vigils.

The true genius and beauty of the 40 Days prayer based campaigns is that while everyone cannot participate in prayer vigils before clinics, every Christian can personally commit to prayer and some type of fasting to end the scourge of abortion plaguing our nation.

As Christians we know that God has had a plan for each of us that reaches back into eternity. We were meant to live during this time. We have been given the challenge of stemming the tide of the modern age’s slaughter of the innocents. And through the prayers and efforts of millions of Americans we are meeting that challenge.

Only God knows how many vigil volunteers, how much fasting or how many personal prayers are required to save one more baby from dismemberment, decapitation or poisoning in an abortion clinic.

So let’s make sure the voices of Nevada are heard in Heaven over these 40 Days.

Posted by Jerry on 02/21 at 03:56 AM
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