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50 Million Dead - No Monument

In America we are very good at honoring people and events, no matter if they have had a positive or negative impact on our country. It’s very commendable to have museums, memorials, and special holidays for these occurrences. We have several monuments for our founding fathers and other Americans that have helped shape America. Every September 11 we hold memorial events for the nearly 3,000 killed in the terrorists attacks. America has a very powerful tribute to the 58,000 killed in the Vietnam War with the Wall in Washington, D.C. and other memorials throughout the United States. The World War II Memorial is now built in Washington D.C. to honor those who served, plus the 417,000 Americans killed in the war. We have Holocaust museums in many communities that display the horrors of this evil that killed approximately six million Jews.

What do we have for the approximately 50 million babies killed by abortion since Roe v. Wade became law in 1973? NOTHING. Why? I see a few reasons for this. So many people have their views shaped by the mainstream media which, of course, never even has run one story about the horror of abortion. On the rare occasion they do run any story about the subject, it almost always displays the pro-life view in a bad light. So for quite a few Americans, it’s the old adage “out of sight, out of mind.” Many still have the preconceived notion that if the press isn’t covering it, then it must not be newsworthy.

Another reason is that many do not see the fetus as an unborn human, or they just don’t want to make the effort to analyze what is being killed in an abortion. Also, since it is the law of the land, many don’t think it’s even a necessary topic of discussion. That is why it is so important to spread the word about the evil of abortion, whether the recipient cares about the subject or not. There has to be a starting point for them where at least they begin thinking about abortion, discussing it, or investigating the issue. Displaying visual images, from ultrasounds to graphic pictures of aborted babies, along with reasoned dialogue have been proven to be very effective. We must have our society as a whole confront the question: What are we killing?

When the American people hear the word “Holocaust” they immediately think of the millions killed and the photos that they have seen of this horror. We must have a goal that someday people will have a similar response when they hear the word “abortion.” There must be an automatic negative response concerning the millions of babies killed and the view that this evil will never happen again. Then maybe we will have a monument honoring them.

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Posted by Monte Harms on 09/13 at 10:17 AM
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