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Abortion Testimonies

Why should I talk about my abortion experience?  I think that hearing people’s testimonies and what they went through in their abortion, or how they felt afterwards, will really help other people on making better decisions about their pregnancies.

Women who have had abortion’s shouldn’t feel ashamed to tell there story. I understand that some people will criticize this because some people think it is wrong to be telling such personal information, or because they will say that we made a bad decision for the child.  But I really think when someone reads a testimony, they will get more of an understanding of what abortion is really like.

Lots of women who have gotten abortions didn’t even know how it was really done in the first place. I know, I found out a lot more about what type of abortion after I went through the procedure. It really made me think twice on my decision.

I believe if i had more information about it, I would have chosen to keep the child.

I encourage women out there to send me your testimonies, even though it might be difficult, because people need to know abortion is not a solution, it is the end of your child’s life.  You might even save a little one’s life.

Men are also effected by abortions as well. A man who found out he could of been a father might be devastated at the fact that the mother of their child decided to have an abortion. They missed out on lost fatherhood. I encourage men to send me their testimonies as well.

In my testimony, I go into some detail about what the abortion was like, what I went through at the abortion clinic, and the feelings I experienced, before and after the abortion.  Let’s share our experiences so that maybe we can help change the mind of a pregnant woman who might have an abortion. Remember what you have done is in the past, and that you have not committed an unforgivable sin. As traumatic as it was, and for how you feel. You have been forgiven by God. By speaking out about what you have went through and what you have had to deal with physically and emotionally, you might really save a life. Someone out there could be out there, walking this earth, because of you.

I also encourage you to take part in the Pro-Life movement as well, either with us or with another Pro-Life organization. It is a great thing to get into, and it will be a lot of help in many ways for the unborn. They cannot speak for themselves, they depend on us to speak for them.

E-mail testimonies to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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