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Are You Giving Thanks For Courage Today?

On this Thanksgiving day, we gather with families and friends to enjoy our time together and eat some good food and to give thanks to our Lord for all of our blessings.  Obviously, there is more to life than giving thanks for the roof over our heads & food in our bellies, much more.

Let us also give thanks for the courage and determination God gives us for speaking for the homeless, the hungry, and yes, the unborn.  We must remember the many people who won’t be with us on this day, people whose lives have been cut short by their own mothers through abortion.

—- Before I continue, I want to say that for those of you who have had abortions or been a part of them in any way, you are not cursed and there is healing.  God is love and forgives all.  Though we have all sinned, we have all been given entrance to the kingdom of heaven if we give our lives to Him, and remember what Jesus said as his first command to us, repent!—-

This year and every year, 50 million souls will not escape what should be the most protected and safe place in the world, their mother’s wombs.  It is the largest mass slaughter of human beings in the history of mankind.

A few of us have been chosen by God to deliver His message that He wants abortion to end, He DEMANDS that we end this slaughter.  How do you know if God picked you?  You will know.  If you realize that you must dedicate your life to ending this kind of injustice, than you have been chosen.

Most of you reading this have not dedicated your lives to ending abortion.  You know it must end though, so you want more information and try speak for the unborn when you can.  Most people don’t want to talk about abortion, but you know it’s something you have to do, and God bless you for doing so.

I don’t expect everyone to be in the pro-life ministry full-time.  I do expect you to do all you can though.  We need to have a sense of urgency on this topic.  Yes, it has to be discussed as much as possible, all the time.

If a woman was strangling her 2 year-old daughter in front of you, would you hold a committee to discuss what you could do to stop it?  Would you discuss it with your friends?  Would you wait until you were more able to deal with the issue?  Would you simply ignore the crime until the lifeless 2 year-old girl fell to the floor?

I pray that none of the above fits what you would do.  I pray you would leap forward and stop the woman from killing her child.  The exact thing is happening now, all over the world.  Women are going to so-called doctors and having their children ripped from their wombs.

Proverbs 24:11-12
“Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it.”

Just because you can’t see the person, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. 
Just because you can’t hear the person, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. 
Just because she is at an earlier stage of growth, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.
Just because she is smaller than you, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.

Just because she can’t feed herself, or care for herself, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist, and it certainly doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a RIGHT to exist!

Go to the Pro-Life Unity website & watch our video production called Pastor’s Letter.  It’s the first article on the site and is only 30 minutes long.  You will be strengthened, I guarantee it!  Than send us an email to order your own free DVD copies of this video which you can give to your friends & church leadership.

God bless you all for signing up to the Pro-Life Unity Facebook group to hear more about the pro-life movement and to learn more about how you can speak for the unborn.  Our voices will get louder and louder until the day we have ended this travesty.  Then, on that day, we can give thanks to God that we never gave up.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity

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