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Assoiciated Press: Anti- Abortion Group Targets Planned Parenthood

OK, seems everyone is weighing in on the “gotcha moment” at Planned Parenthood.Now another report in VA.  But Associated Press’ minimal post with that title has a definite tilt in favor of Planned Parenthood. It makes one tempted to feel sorry for Planned Parenthood.  The title should have said perhaps, Anti Freedom Group Targets Sex Traffickers for Sanctity or Planned Parenthood and NJ Pimps Partner in Crimes. “Partners in crime” is the term Planned Parenthood’s clinic manager used to open the door for continued enslavement of minors. It’s on the video.  This situation was a test and Planned Parenthood showed the true colors of an organization that is more concerned about making money than it is about following their statement “For more than 90 years, we’ve worked to improve women’s health and safety, prevent unintended pregnancies, and advance the right and ability of individuals and families to make informed and responsible choices.”

Really Planned Parenthood? What part of improving health and safety involve a pimp? Or for that matter what does the name Planned Parenthood have to do with keeping people from having a family. Do they offer fertility options to create a family? Do they offer adoption to plan families for those unable to give birth? Where does this “planned parenthood” come in?


Stuart Schear, Planned Parenthood vice president refused to appear on CNN with Lila Rose, LIVE ACTION president. But CNN did the interview with Schear anyways.  He focused away from his clinic manager’s actions and attacked LIVE ACTION saying, “The main point is that Live Action is an extreme political group. Their goal is to take away health care from women, to end legal abortion in the United States. They’re targeting Planned Parenthood. They are not concerned about our patients.” What part of leaving women in sex trafficking or leaving them wounded physically and mentally after abortions means you care?

The CNN reporter interviewing Schear asks, “is this woman um who you said that you fired yesterday is she a rogue employee or or is this indicative of a more systemic problem?” Schear interrupts saying, ” well she’s not, no this is not indicative of a systemic problem. She’s not an employee of Planned Parenthood. She was fired.

May I ask how can you fire someone if they’re not an employee? Are clinic managers volunteers? I think not.

It is sad that so many people are protecting Planned Parenthood. I hope Planned Parenthood is scared enough to train their people on the law. I hope that they start to realize that anyone can be someone who will report them. Businesses like Planned Parenthood should not even exist but since they do people ought to be constantly keeping them accountable. Since they are using my money without my consent, I’ll support people like Lila to keep them accountable legally.We can’t count on our government to keep them in line when the government supports them with our tax dollars. This is truly a conflict of interest. It’s like asking a policeman to investigate his own children. I am most grateful to Lila Rose and LIVE ACTION for being bold. We need more groups and individuals willing to get in the midst of things. We can’t count on those making money off the pain and suffering of others to have a conscience to do what is right.


And yes I am biased for life without exceptions because I am grateful for my life as should be every Planned Parenthood and abortion clinic worker. I pray that eyes are opened in the organizations. I pray the eyes of their supporters take a serious look at what is happening. I pray that their consciences be pierced so that they too will see what Abby Johnson saw at her Planned Parenthood clinic.

I thank God for exposing this evil and wish Lila Rose and anyone else all the best in exposing criminals that take advantage of women and children for their own gain.

The following video was found at Lifenews.com

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Posted by Juda Myers on 02/03 at 08:10 PM
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