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What we need to do to continue growing and developing a plan to defend life and help those moms and dads who are in “crisis” avoid falling prey to the evils of the abortion mills.

HR3926 has passed the House of Representatives, but all is not yet lost. The House also did manage to pass the Stupak amendment. This is the amendment which prohibits federal funding of abortions in health care reform bill.

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW YOUR REPRESENTATIVE VOTED: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2009/roll884.xml

So, we’ll claim this as one small victory for the present, but only for the present.  We need to put them on notice—we are coming back for more. And we will keep coming back until the laws of man are truly in tune with the Constitution our Founders framed for us some 233 years ago.

Let them play their games. The name of our game is LIFE and this really is no game. But to put it in the simple terms they will comprehend, bring it on; we are ready to play – for keeps. We intend to keep life at the forefront.  The Stupak Amendment was just the first spin of the wheel.

We cannot continue to spin our wheels, nor roll the dice. We need to join forces, work together to achieve a common goal. That’s what Pro Life Unity’s project Adopt the Mills is really about. No games, but hard work and devotion. There are no silly trinkets to be won here, but there are many lives and souls that need us to be there for them. Oddly enough, they do not even know it yet.

Honestly, most of those, if any, who need our help, are not even aware that we exist. We are virtually invisible to them until they are preparing to enter “Death Row” —it’s not until then that they even become aware of our presence. By then, for some, it’s too late. They have been manipulated by those inside to believe it is the only viable option available to them now. The only really viable subject involved is the baby who is now merely the abortionist’s prey., 

Soon, the womb where this tiny gift from God rests safely being nourished, will become a torture chamber. For most of the infants carried inside by there expectant mothers, it is the final resting place, their last place of refuge before their tiny body parts are tossed carelessly into garbage bags and destroyed.

YOU can make a difference. We are making a difference. There have been many wonderful miracles that have occurred during the past simply because somebody outside gave a confused expectant, abortion-mined mom hope. Once a mother learns that she is not alone, that there are options and people who care, she often feels as though her prayers are being answered. No, that is not always the case, but as I always say: “Even ONE life saved is a miracle to behold indeed.”

It requires a lot from us, but compared to the rewards we can reap, it is really very little to offer:  our time, our compassion, our love, our prayer, our peaceful presence outside the abortions mills every hour they are open – not just one the days when they murder babies. What can you offer to close them down?

Now, Remember that now is the time for you to be contacting your Senators. Let them know that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you be able to support them at election time if they do not vote to defeat the bill that will soon be before them. They have their own versions of this bill, and you insist it not include any measure that grants authorization of federal funding for abortions for ANY reason. Abortion is NOT health care: Reform YES; Abortion NO;. Euthanasia NO; Rationed Care NO.
HR 3926 contains many items related to these concerns and our Senate leaders must know we will fire them if they do not promote a the wishes of their constituents.

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Posted by Kathleen Kane on 11/08 at 07:03 PM
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