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Bernard Nathanson - 1927 - 2011 - Rest in Peace

Dr. Bernard Nathanson has left this world, but not before doing everything he could to stop abortion, a horror he was a part of creating in America. Nathanson, a founder of the National Association for the repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), helped develop the marketing plan which would soon be the cause of over 50 million dead people to this day.

I talked with Dr. Nathanson a couple of years ago, and I can tell you, he is the perfect example of a person who was completely a part of the abortion culture and had a change of heart. After having been in the "industry" for years, the invention of the ultrasound finally helped him see how what he was doing was killing innocent human beings. Nathanson told me once he had made up his mind he was out, he never wanted to do it again. He decided to do one more though, and talked to an associate who was ready to stop doing abortions, and convinced him to help make the movie The Silent Scream, which has changed many, many minds.

Rest in peace Dr. Nathanson, & God bless you

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity

(AP Article)

NEW YORK (AP) — An early abortion rights champion who had a change of heart and became a prominent anti-abortion activist has died in New York City. Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson was 84.

His wife, Christine Reisner-Nathanson, says he died Monday at his Manhattan home after a long fight with cancer.

Nathanson was an obstetrician-gynecologist who in 1969 helped found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, now called NARAL Pro-Choice America.

It was while operating an abortion clinic in New York that Nathanson said he developed misgivings about the procedure. He said the use of ultrasound images led to his change of heart.

After joining the anti-abortion movement, Nathanson lectured internationally. He was a frequent visitor to the Ronald Reagan White House and narrated the anti-abortion film "The Silent Scream," which depicts the abortion of a fetus.

(AP) Article

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