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Bill O’Reilly and the end of our Republic

America as a Republic

I watch the Bill O’Reilly show frequently, and though I don’t always agree with him, I believe he is a smart man. Yesterday though, he made a statement that scared the daylights out of me!

Referencing the healthcare law, O’Reilly stated “we live in a republic where majority rules.”  I thought maybe he would catch himself and correct that egregious error, but he didn’t.

America is not supposed to be a republic where majority rules. America is supposed to be a republic where the little guy and girl are defended from tyranny. It is supposed to be a republic where we have freedom and protection from the government.

Unfortunately our freedoms have been eroded and our protections are being lost.  Unfortunately, too many Americans don’t understand why America was a great country. I believe one of the reasons they don’t understand is because they really don’t know what it’s like in other countries. When you haven’t experienced socialism or communism you really don’t know what they are.

James Madison, one of our founding fathers, stated “It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers, but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part.”  Little did he know that one day we would have a party of death, a party of oppression.

The Democrats have become that party.

Democrats are anti-gun, anti-homeschool, pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia. They fight harder for the protection of animals, insects, fish and “mother Earth” than they ever have or would for defenseless human beings.

Democrats succeeded in decriminalizing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in the United States of America, one of only nine countries in the world that allow this barbaric procedure after 14 weeks, and only one of 4 countries in the world who allows people to kill their babies after viability.

Barack Obama is a man America elected twice into the office of President, a man who voted twice to slaughter babies who were born outside the womb. His support of the gruesome practice of killing babies who survived an abortion puts him in the upper level of extreme Democrats who never saw a baby they wouldn’t kill. Think about this.  Barack Obama fought hard to protect the right of a woman to kill her child even after it was born!

Democrats succeeded in blocking 501(c)(3) organizations from establishing themselves for a period of at least three years. The IRS has become a wing of the Democratic Party, as I’m sure other areas of government have. After all, Republicans call for minimizing the size of government, and anybody working for government is therefore an enemy of the Republicans. At least that’s how they see it.

Democrats knew full well what they were doing. They knew if the tea party and pro-life organizations got organized, Barack Obama would likely not serve a second term, and Democrats in the House and Senate would get voted out of office.

The tyranny of the IRS

One of my organizations, Cherish Life Ministries, was blocked for over a year and a half. The IRS representative was openly hostile toward me and not and told me they were not going to give me 501(c)(3) status, not only through letters, but also verbally, over the phone. She even told me that I had to educate people on the merits of abortion, but I couldn’t just be pro-life. She questioned our right to pray in front of abortion facilities.

It’s unbelievable we could have an IRS today who would act so so radical and with such unbridled power and authority. Churches and pro-life organizations across America are afraid to discuss any issue which might be considered “political”, which might cost them their 501(c)(3) status.

I’m not trying to give these churches a pass though. This lack of discussion about what’s important in America is a fear that has contributed to the death of over 50 million babies in the womb. People who have put their organizations and money before the babies have a lot of soul-searching to do. I don’t have to judge them, they can judge themselves whether they believe not speaking up for the defenseless and allowing the defenseless to be slaughtered en-masse is an honorable or godly thing to do.

It is time to end the tyranny of the IRS. This organization exists for no reason whatsoever. The billions of dollars spent on the employees of the organization who do nothing more than serve the Democratic Party must be given back to the American people.

The solution?  It’s easy.  America can charge a flat tax on all products. Everybody in government knows that. They don’t have to try to create a “fair” system whereby they tax the rich and feed the poor.  The current tax system is far from fair.  Millions don’t pay one dime of tax while millions of others pay for their their every need.  I doubt even Robin Hood would agree with the system we have today.

Is America Great?

Alexis de Tocqueville, a Frenchman who probably wrote the biggest book about America in the history of this country, had many strong statements about us.  One of them which stands out to me is:

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville

Democrats are attempting to ban homeschooling across the land.  Not good.  Democrats have succeeded in decriminalizing abortion resulting in over 3,000 deaths of innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs every single day.  Not good.  Democrats are trying to take away our right to bear arms.  Not good.

Democrats are for many things that cause the death of innocent human beings.  They support:

- embryonic stem cell research.
- cloning - Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t true.  Cloning is legal in America,  As a clone, you just aren’t allowed to be born.
- In vitro fertilization - The procedure results in the deaths of possibly millions of people around the world every year, as “extra” embryos are “selectively reduced” in the womb to give other surviving embryos a better chance at survival.

Using a popular down syndrome test, which is not 100% accurate, 90% of down syndrome children never survive the womb.  Doctors scare the mothers and fathers and tell them how they and their child will suffer a lifetime of difficulties and expense unless they have an abortion, and they do.  And, because the test isn’t accurate, many people who don’t have down syndrome are killed as well.  This is one case where “collateral damage” is acceptable to Democrats.

When asked “What have we got — a republic or a monarchy?”, Benjamin Franklin said:

“A republic,” he declared, “if you can keep it.”

Defending the Defenseless

Bill O’Reilly, we were created as a republic to protect us from people who want to vote our rights, freedoms and existence away.  Unfortunately, our children are taught a republic is the same thing as a democracy, and many Americans of influence, like you, don’t know the difference either.  This is why so many Americans are suffering today.  I’m reluctant to do so, but in a way I agree with you.  I say our republic is gone, destroyed and forgotten.  There is no reason to speak of it anymore.

- We have used abortion to kill over 55 million people and countless others are oppressed and slaughtered in other ways.
- One quarter of the people in this country lose the battle for life every year in what is supposed to be the safest place in the world, a mother’s womb.
- In New York city, 50% of the black children don’t survive their mother’s wombs.

Our founding fathers would cringe at the sight of what was once a great country.

Probably one of the biggest crimes in all of this is the guilt of the church.  Seventy percent of women who have abortions call themselves Christian.  Sad indeed. Women and men struggling with unwanted or unaffordable pregnancies find themselves alone in church, a place where they should find support and hope.

There are still many great Americans, but as a country, until we defend the defenseless, the little guys and girls, we are not so great.  We have become just another democracy.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

Chairman & Director
Cherish Life Ministries
A Call to The Church




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