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Democrats pursue baby killing nationwide


Feeling their oats after success in Ohio, Democrats have decided to put abortion on the ballot in nine more states. Ohio was a big win for baby killers. It was the first time in history Americans decided to get directly involved in killing babies. Prior to this, it was the Supreme Court who did the dirty work for the American people and Democrats.

The attorney Sarah Weddington lied to the Supreme Court, pretending nobody knew what was inside the womb of a pregnant woman. The absurd thing is that nine so-called “intelligent” Supreme Court justices fell for it and they started the slaughter of babies in America. That ruling and Doe vs Bolton gave us baby killing through all nine months until Roe v Wade was overturned.

Republicans think it’s a victory, and Democrats thought it was a loss at first. Now Democrats are learning getting rid of Roe v Wade was probably the most important thing for them while Republicans still think it’s a victory.

Republicans in Congress should have passed a law defending babies from being slaughtered in the womb. Unfortunately congressional Republicans have been anything but pro-life, using the topic to get our votes for so many years. Not once did they try to actually end abortion.

Now we’re paying the price for our naivete and ignorance of how Congress works.

Democrats used 50 years of baby killing to convince Americans that abortion is an important right that shouldn’t be taken away. Republicans used 50 years of baby killing to… do nothing to protect babies.

Democrats are winning the information war. They infiltrated our schools, our media and governments, convincing everyone up is down, wrong is right, evil is good.

Instead of rising up to stop the evil in this once-great country, Christian Republicans are content in the belief these are the end times and Jesus will take care of all this for them.

Again, Democrats control our schools, K through college, they control our media and our governments. We’re not likely to be successful in stopping their baby killing efforts in these nine states.

I will continue to say what I’ve been saying for years, we need to separate from the Democrats. Conservative states must break away before we are overrun with Democrat voting illegals. Democrats have always had a long-term plan. Republicans only focus on short-term efforts.

The Republican Party has been taken over by libertarian politicians who don’t care about moral and social issues. This is a big reason why Democrats are so successful. If we don’t elect conservative state and federal leaders, America won’t last much longer.

70 MILLION babies have been killed in America so far. This shocking number should bring chills to anyone who has a sense of morality. One million babies are murdered every year, adding to that brutal, unconscionable list.

Abortion is the most important issue of our time yet it’s treated as the most inconsequential, like a third rail no one should touch. Up to now no one wanted to pay attention to it, now, for the first time in history, American citizens are actively voting to murder babies.

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Posted by Turnstile on 11/27 at 01:05 AM
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