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Freedom of speech, unless they disagree with us - Birmingham Pro-Lifers Arrested

I hate to bring up labels, but let’s face it, nowadays Democrats are enacting and enforcing a no freedom of speech policy.  Pro-Lifers across America are rounded up doing what is perfectly legal, excercising their freedom of speech rights.  Last year, a number of people were arrested while protesting on public sidewalks.  Members of Defend Life, a Maryland Pro-Life organization,were rounded up while showing what abortion looks like in Maryland while participating in an annual event known as the Face the Truth Tour.  There were many other such incidents last year.

A couple of days ago in Birmingham, Alabama, a bunch of Pro-Lifers were rounded up at Parker High School while distributing literature to students from a public sidewalk.  Their video equipment was confiscated and not returned.  One of the members of the group Survivors who was arrested was told the sidewalk is not public for “non-citizens of Birmingham.”


Here’s an article about the incident

Is it legal to protest on public property or isn’t it?  If it is, those officers who are just “obeying orders” should have to answer for their actions, and those giving the orders should do the same.

Here’s the email for Birmingham’s City Hall - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Write them a letter and ask them if protesting on a public sidewalk is legal or not. 

Be nice.

What else are the Dems pursuing nowadays?  They want to enact the “Fairness” Doctrine.  I put it in quotes because it’s anything but fair.  They will demand that if a conservative radio talk show host has an hour show, the radio station will have to provide an hour of liberal talk radio to offset it.  It seems they are angry because America doesn’t want to pay for trash like (Scare)Air America, so they are trying to force their garbage on us instead, taxpayer funded of course.

The Dems are going down the dark roads of Socialism, Communism and Totalitarianism.  Now that they are have power, absolute power, they will be corrupted absolutely.  Americans haven’t the foggiest idea of what this is like.  Growing up for 19 years in Germany, I can tell you that Germans haven’t the foggiest idea what freedom is, and countries just now breaking out of communism are starting to recognize the power of freedom.  America on the other hand is going in the opposite direction.  Apparently we are curious what it is like to be ruled.  I guess 233 years has allowed us to forget why we fought for freedom in the first place.  I guess we’ve forgotten what it was like to not be able to express our religious freedom.

Only a half-century ago, my grandfather was dragged into the streets of Germany and shot in the head.  It was while good people stood by and did nothing.  Over 7 million Jews later it finally ended.  There have been over 50 million people killed by abortion alone in America, while good people do nothing.  When will it end?

Why aren’t our pastors warning us?  Why aren’t our churches warning us?  Because they’ve taken the Devil’s bribe, the 501c3.  If they talk about politics, they lose their tax exemption.  This bribe was imposed on America by Lyndon B. Johnson, yes, a Democrat, to get the church to shut up.  They’ve politely obeyed ever since.  You wouldn’t believe the number of Pro-Life groups and Pro-America groups who are afraid of losing their status and won’t openly protest the government nor recommend to their members who they should vote for.

But I digress & will leave this topic for another day.  Call the Birmingham City Hall and ask them if freedom of speech has a place in their city.  Or is it only freedom of speech if they agree with us?

Peter Shinn

Pro-Life Unity - prolifeunity.com

United we stand - Divided they die

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Posted by Turnstile on 02/15 at 06:04 AM
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