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Georgia’s Next Governor- Feat or Fiasco?

We have come to a dangerous place in American politics. The fallacy of “most electable” has been a media and marketing ploy to prop undesirable candidates up and garner support from an otherwise conservative populace. What happened nationally with McCain can very possibly happen in Georgia with Oxendine. Should the establishment Republican party perceive Oxendine as most electable, and set him up against Roy Barnes, we can anticipate a Democrat for Governor.
Under Obama, the advance of socialism has been rapid and appalling. The only way to reclaim the country is state by state. And the only way to reclaim the sovereignty of the state is by raising up for Governor a man who firmly attests to, believes in, and resolves to uphold the absolute right of state government to interpose on behalf of the life and liberty of the people. That man is Ray McBerry.
The Ray McBerry campaign is an onward march of optimism and hope. Ray believes in the people of Georgia, believes that Georgians are best able to care for themselves and their families, believes that Georgians own their lives and liberty, and believes that Georgians own their local governments on the county and state level.
The duties of civil government are restricted through our foundational documents the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These important parameters for responsible moral government do not provide for the rights of the people, but instead limit the government from infringing upon the natural rights of the people.
All of the problems facing our state come down to the basic premise: do we own ourselves, or are we owned?
The fruit of our labors should be ours, yet we labor 6 months out of every year to cover the increasing and devastating burden of taxation. Property tax and income tax demonstrate a presumption by government that it owns our wealth and owns the fruit of our labor. This presumption will stop under Ray McBerry.
The top-heavy bureaucracy of Georgia state government seeks to regulate and license every area of our lives and every area of the private business sector. This presumes that civil government bequeaths to the populace the privileges of existing within our state and building a way of life and way of making provision for our families. This presumption will stop under Ray McBerry.
With our nation in rapid decline, it is imperative that we rise up with a message of hope and confidence that rings true to the basic premise that we own ourselves and our property, that life and liberty are God given, and that the only duty of moral government is to protect individual life and liberty.
We must assert ourselves for the protection of Georgians. We must put into office Ray McBerry. A governor who recognizes as he wields the power of his office, appoints judges and important government positions, and influences the legislature, that his duty is to serve the individual life and liberty of each and every Georgian.

Jenny Hodges
Campaign Director, Ray McBerry 2010

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Posted by Jenny Hodges on 06/10 at 02:13 PM
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