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Gianna Jessen:  Abortion Survivor Who Goes the Distance, 26.2


Gianna Jessen,
abortion survivor
  Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) have run a number of marathons.  Charmaine always cries the last four miles.  It always hurts—both the physical and mental.  Real Pain.

But at least Charmaine’s mom didn’t try to murder her…

Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor and also runs marathons.  It takes her 8 hours.  (If we were on the same course, she would be the only one behind me and Charmaine.)

Watch Gianna’s 30 second video
on protecting Infants Born Alive.

Gianna needs a third of a day to complete the 26.2 miles because she has, as she says, “the gift of cerebral palsy.”

It is a “gift” because the alternative, the intention of the mother and her “doctor” was death for Gianna.

It is not known if the “doctor” is a Democrat.  But abortion is a sacrament of The Party of Death.

Gianna lived to tell her story, was adopted, and is an advocate for Infant Born Alive protections.

Our Aunt Carol spoke with Gianna and has an update.

“If Barack Obama had his way I would not be here,” says Gianna.  Visit BornAliveTruth.org.

Bookmark Americans United for Life.

Charmaine wrote in 2005,

In response to yesterday’s sad news about the aborted baby who was born alive, then left to die, Carol in Nashville wrote with an amazing and wonderful story:

I go to a gym where a young woman works out regularly.  She and I have the same trainer—so I run into her fairly often.  She is preparing to run the Country Music Marathon this coming weekend. 

Many times I’ve been on the exercise bike or the treadmill—looking out the front windows of the gym, and I’d see her run by outside every 10 or 15 minutes on her training route in the neighborhood.  Her gait is uneven and slow.  Her arms pump erratically.  She can only run on the front of her feet—kind of a tiptoe run.  But she stays at it.  Sometimes she’ll be running when I first get to the gym, and when I’m leaving an hour later, she’s still at it. 

She has cerebral palsy. 

In talking with her in the dressing room, I’ve been impressed by her friendliness.  She goes the extra mile in being interested in each person she talks with.  I’ve admired her determination and attitude ever since I first met her a few months ago. 

Then one morning as I was getting dressed for work, tv news in the background, there she was on TV—being interviewed by a local reporter.  I learned then the reason for her cerebral palsy.  She has cerebral palsy because she was an aborted baby who survived.  She ended up being raised by her grandmother who worked with her daily to see that she got the physical therapy she needed. 

Once I told her that I admired her perseverance in preparing for the marathon, and she said that she felt anyone could do a marathon if they made up their mind to do it.  Without thinking through my answer, I said, no I couldn’t do one because of the arthritis in my knee.  I have regretted that comment ever since.  What’s a little arthritis when compared to what she is overcoming in order to run a marathon?  I just don’t have the determination and courage that she has.


It turns out that Carol’s friend is Gianna Jessen, a young woman who testified in front of Congress on behalf of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. 

God bless the nurse who saved Gianna’s life!

Alert Readers may remember a report a month ago from Carol, who wrote to tell us the inspirational story about a young woman at her gym, Gianna Jessen, who was training for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville.


But Gianna is not your average runner—she has cerebral palsy from surviving an abortion attempt at her birth. (And here.)

So what’s a girl to do with those kinds of challenges, both physical and spiritual, weighing her down?  Run a marathon of course!

And she did

I have run two [now 3] marathons, and we’re training now for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  So I can tell you:  I can’t believe she did it.  I really can’t. 

A marathon is 26.2 miles of pain.  After mile 20, there’s a voice in your head screaming, “stop, stop, stop” with every step.  Gianna didn’t stop.  Her story is humbling, and she’s an inspiration to us all.

Every year in Britain, 50 babies are born-alive—after an abortion attempt.

Babies born alive.  Don’t you just hate medical malpractice?  The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is mounting an investigation into this horrible rash of babies born alive—according to their standards an abortionist is supposed to be sure they stop the baby’s heart with a direct injection of potassium chloride.

The problem?  “In practice, few doctors are willing or able to perform the delicate procedure,” says Britain’s Sunday Times.

Another problem?  Abortion is legal in Britain up to the 24th week, twenty-fourth, of pregnancy, but some babies born earlier do survive:

‘They can be born breathing and crying at 19 weeks’ gestation,’ [Stuart Campbell, former professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at St George’s hospital, London] said. ‘I am not anti-abortion, but as far as I am concerned this is sub-standard medicine.’

Fortunately, not everyone has such a warped definition of “medicine.”  The Times goes on to report that, “Doctors are increasingly uneasy about aborting babies who could be born alive.”

Enter Gianna Jessen, who was one of those pesky babies who just insisted on being born alive.  Gianna is a young American woman who survived a saline abortion.  (See links below for previous stories about Gianna.)

Today, despite living with cerebral palsy as a result of the “sub-standard abortion” that almost killed her, Gianna has become a marathon runner

And in April, Gianna will be running in the London Marathon to draw attention to the Alive and Kicking Campaign.  They are working toward reducing the legal upper limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 18 weeks, which would halve the yearly number of abortions in the UK.

Run, Gianna Run!

* * *

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Senior Editor, National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru will be the keynoter at the Americans United for Life gala on October 9th in Chicago.  We will celebrate Life.

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