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Honey, I want a doughnut, can you take our daughter out back and shoot her please?

Yes, that is an absurd title, but not more absurd than people killing their children because of the economy!  Actually my wife even got mad at me for the title.  Why?  Why is it that when a person proposes killing a toddler, a teen or an adult they are considered crazy, but when they propose killing humans in the womb, which Democrats do every day of the week. they are taken seriously?

Denver Daily News article

Women are struggling to come up with money to raise a child. And as the economy continues to take its toll, some women are having to make the hard decision between having an abortion and raising a child.

Our society, no, we people, have gone so insane we think of killing our children as a solution to our money problems.  Where do babies come from?  It’s not a matter of “whoops, I’m pregnant, darn it, where’d that baby come from?”.  I’m constantly amazed at how Democrats are like children and pretend that babies come from thin air. 

Then there’s the nonsense of how birth control is the solution.  I guess people don’t want to read Planned Parenthood’s own statistics on birth control which say that all of it, condoms, pills & so on, are guaranteed to fail.  Talk about Russian roulette.  If I give you a gun with one bullet in it and spin the chamber, would you put it up to your head and pull the trigger?  So why do they hand out condoms and birth control pills, to our children, in the public schools, without our permission. that WILL FAIL and then act surprised when they do fail and a baby is a result of that failure?  Why?  So they can then then kill our grandchildren for a profit.

Killing in the womb is just taking the life of a human being at an earlier stage.  Don’t get mad at me for the title of this article, get mad at yourself if you’re not doing all you can to end the killing of over one million human beings in American every year.  Get mad at our “representatives” (and I use that term loosely nowadays since it appears they will be our “leaders” soon).  When you are mad enough, call them once a month and let them know that they should end abortion / prenatal murder and stop human killing research.  Remind them that they work for us!

Monthly Call for Life - monthlycallforlife.com

United we stand - Divided they die

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Posted by Turnstile on 04/02 at 12:21 PM
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