§ Volunteer Form

Click here to fill out our volunteer form. We can help you identify what you would like to do to help the unborn, and then connect you with either our efforts or other efforts near you

§ What is Pro-Life Unity?

To achieve Pro-Life Unity we will establish standards that we all agree upon, and efforts that we all regularly participate in. By working together we can challenge the culture of death and the apathy which is pervasive in our society.

§ Action Code

Help promote the Pro-Life Action Calls which are put out by Pro-Life organizations nationwide.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to email us and we will send you the Action Code & sign you up as a member of Pro-Life Unity. Your site will be listed on the Members page

§ Life Principles

Click here for the timeless Life Principles that were established over 30 years ago by the March for Life Education and Defense Fund.

How Unity Will Help Us Overcome

Here are two ways we can challenge abortion, euthanasia, and the culture of death:

1) MarchTogether.com - Unite with us every month on the first Friday to call, email and/or march to let your representatives know that it is time to end abortion.  This is a national effort where all of us who are Pro-Life join together, regardless of political party or Pro-Life organizational affiliation.  The only requirement to participate is that you are Pro-Life and are ready to end abortion.

MarchTogether For Life

Everything you might want to know about the project is on the site.  We help you with who you should call, when to call and what you might want to say.

Tell at least one additional person or organization about the MarchTogether.com project every month.

2) ProLifeUnity.com - Those of you who have web sites can link with us to help get action calls out to your readers.  When you post an action call at ProLifeUnity.com it will automatically be sent to all other member sites.

What do we mean by Pro-Life Unity at prolifeunity.com?  The idea is to promote Pro-Life action calls around the country and the world.  One of the hardest things about Pro-Life activism is getting boots on the ground at various protest locations, like abortion mills or government buildings.

Through our Pro-Life unity we will save lives

We are working with new technology, and with this technology we can reach millions faster than ever before!

The MSM acts against us by not showing the nationwide outrage agaist abortion, but through our blogs, we can and already are bypassing them.  Will Fox News put out the Monthly Call for Life at MarchTogether.com every month on the first Friday?  Not on your life, but you can, and we can put out your action call & so on.

If you have a web site & want to participate, go to prolifeunity.com and sign up or just send a message to signup @ prolifeunity.com.  (no spaces)


United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on



Through our united efforts we will save lives

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