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Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well Concerning The Abortion Issue


Often hypocrisy concerning the abortion issue is so blatant that one has to ask, “What in the world is going on here?” 

In the United Kingdom the National Health Service (NHS) is the national health insurance program.  The NHS covers almost all abortions done in the United Kingdom. While they are perfectly fine with providing for abortions, the NHS has an extensive promotional campaign to stop smoking while pregnant because of the harm it does for the baby.

Their poster states the following:

“Cigarettes restrict the essential oxygen supply to your baby. So their tiny heart has to beat harder every time you smoke. Quit for you and your baby…”

On the NHS website there is extensive information on the harm that can happen to the baby if the mother smokes.

“When you smoke you inhale over 4,000 chemicals from the cigarette. One of these is a dangerous chemical called carbon monoxide, which gets into your bloodstream. This restricts the oxygen that’s essential for your baby’s healthy growth and development, and because cigarettes restrict their oxygen supply, their tiny heart has to beat harder every time you smoke.”

It’s very interesting that when the NHS discusses having an abortion, the unborn is never called a baby.  Abortion is just termination of pregnancy or removal of the fetus.  How can one organization be so caring for the health of the unborn baby, while on the other hand has no problem with killing it?

Woman Suffocates Own Baby - No Charges

In Campbell County, Virginia a woman suffocated her baby but will not be charged with killing it because the umbilical cord was still attached.

“In the state of Virginia as long as the umbilical cord is attached and the placenta is still in the mother, if the baby comes out alive the mother can do whatever she wants to with that baby to kill it,“ said Investigator Tracy Emerson. “She could shoot the baby, stab the baby. As long as it’s still attached to her in some form by umbilical cord or something it’s no crime in the state of Virginia.“

Unbelievable!  Why is there outrage only because the baby was just in a different location? Where are all the news stories about the babies killed earlier in the womb?

The following video explains more:  To view video go to Pro-Life Unity

Oh, Those Pesky Permission Slips

When my children were young I had to sign school permission slips for virtually everything.  If they took a nature walk off school grounds or if they went on any field trip I would have to fill out a complete new form.  But in 16 states permission is not needed from either parent for the underage girl to have an abortion.  The following video is a dramatization of this point along with the liberal perspective on abortion.  (I know it’s a little cheesy).  To view video go to Pro-Life Unity

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Posted by Monte Harms on 12/24 at 04:10 PM
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