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To achieve Pro-Life Unity we will establish standards that we all agree upon, and efforts that we all regularly participate in. By working together we can challenge the culture of death and the apathy which is pervasive in our society.

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“I can’t do anything, I’m to young”

Often times within the pro-life movement we will hear people say, I am only one; I can’t do anything, nor make a difference. However from the youth we may hear I can’t do anything, I’m to young. My pro-life journey began early last year and I had these very thoughts. I believed that being pro-life was great but as a youth I should let the adults take care of this “problem” as youth are usually pushed aside when they try to interfere with anything adults are involved with.

It all began when a Catholic high school group came into my Catholic high school and gave a presentation on the harsh reality of abortion. Within this presentation I was shown a video of an actual partial birth abortion and my pro-life journey began. That night I went ahead and called the lady in charge of the presentation to see what I could do. She was excited to see that her student’s presentation truly had a rippling effect. I now go around with this school and help give the presentations.

As the National Youth Director of Pro-Life Unity, I am here to reach out to all youth who feel they have a calling to be involved within the pro-life movement. Often times I have heard it told that it is the young people of America who will end abortion and human killing research in our nation. For those of you who feel to you are too young I have to ask, how? There is never a reason that someone is too young to be involved in the movement.

We as Christians need to take a stand, to speak for the 4,000 children who are being torn apart and killed in their mother’s womb daily. We must do every thing we can do to stand up against the pro-abortion people of America. We must be a voice for the voiceless. If you are a young person up to the age of eighteen and would like more information on how to get involved with the movement please shoot me an e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Posted by Jake Dagel on 03/25 at 11:12 PM
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