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I need your help - Will you please take the time to read this?

Dear Friends,

It’s the end of July and once again I am a part of Defend Life’s Annual Face the Truth Tour.  Starting in West Virginia and winding our way through Western Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Maryland and even into Pennsylvania, we will be hitting three stops daily for five days.  The purpose of the Tour is to talk to people, to hand out literature and to show drivers the reality of abortion.  Yes, the pictures are horrific and mind numbing.  The first sign is a warning of what is to come, followed by wonderful photographs of human development inside the womb, then people are introduced to the graphic horror of abortion, and finally, the last signs are of Jesus and forgiveness.

We want people to know exactly what “choice” means and what they are supporting by not speaking out against abortion.

It is a grueling and difficult week.  Our days start at 5am and we go non-stop until 9pm or later.  Different churches and people along the way support us with meals, places to sleep and daily church services and prayer time. 

Most of the Core Team is made up of college students who believe and feel strongly their obligation to God and His creation.  Their dedication to the movement and the unborn is obvious as they work hard all day, every day to get out the message of LIFE.

In addition to being part of the Face the Truth Core Team, I video tape as much of it as I can to put on ProLifeNews.tv for others to see and to document this emotional and spiritual journey.  I will be broadcasting live daily at ProLifeNews.tv from 12:00 - 12:30.  You will be able to see what exactly is happening, so go to ProLifeNews.tv every day at 12:00 pm and watch us live!

I would greatly appreciate small donations to simply help toward this effort and to help us with other expenses at this time.  Thank you for anything you feel you can spare, no amount is too small.  You can donate by going to ProLifeUnity.com, click on “Support Us” in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on the Paypal button.  You don’t have to have Paypal to donate, we accept all major credit cards.

I also ask you to pray for me and for all the participants in the Tour.  I pray for God’s voice to be heard throughout this Tour and to touch the hearts of those who we encounter.  I pray for the safety of everyone involved.  I pray for a smooth running of the event through all fifteen stops.  I pray for the speakers, priests and pastors who will be counseling and praying for us every day.

Finally, please be on the lookout for the videos of the event.  I promise you will be moved by the stories and interviews and the depth of compassion in the participants.  You can find the videos at http://youtube.com/prolifenews and of course at http://prolifeunity.com and http://prolifenews.tv..

May God bless each and every one of you,

Peter Shinn

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Posted by Turnstile on 07/27 at 05:51 PM
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