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Is Obama an international leader or the leader of America?

Discussing Obama and his attempt to force America to participate in an international "carbon crackdown", Lou Dobbs said:

A good leader brings people together, encourages and persuades them to follow. A good leader is not one who circumvents our Constitution. A good leader is not one who relies on international treaties to subvert the national sovereignty. A good leader is not one who pursues political aims in private, in secret in fact, and avoids any expression of the will of the people and the national media.

I guarantee you Obama is doing many things on the world stage that most Americans would not agree with. Obama ran on "tax the rich and free birth control for all" and suckered many Americas into thinking he was the right man for the job as president. Unfortunately, our rights over these next four years will be eroded 10 times more than during his first administration because this time, he doesn't have to run again, and he will do what he wants, when he wants.

Obama is not America's leader. He wants to be the leader of the world and integrate us with the rest of the world.

We will see Americans forced to participate in the business of death as we all pay for abortions, birth control which causes abortions, cloning, embryonic stem cell research and more. If you want to stop this insanity, you have to get involved, you have to speak out and you have to support people who are 100% pro-life, no exceptions, no compromise.

Pro-Life Unity
United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity

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