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It’s all in there!

What does it take to be a complete human being? Is it your eye color, your hair or height that makes you a person?  As human beings we are all on a constant journey of change. From the moment we begin developing we continue to develop all the way through life. Most of us tend to think that developing is something we do during childhood, but at every stage in life we are changing.
During fertilization the two sets of DNA combine to create a previously nonexistent human being.  Many abortionists call this a fertilized egg. In fact, a recent attempt to extend personhood to preborn human beings was countered by that same term and was successfully used against them. The truth is the egg is a haploid cell meaning it only has half the genes needed to a complete a human being. Even more important every cell other than the one that results from fertilization is just a copy of another cell. These cells can only replicate themselves.

The cell that results from fertilization, will (if allowed to live) become every cell type in every tissue in every organ in every system of the body. It’s all in there; from face to feet, from eye color to height.  This cell is a complete human being and the only difference between that cell and every other human being is its stage of development.  When we are babies we don’t look like we will as young children. As teenagers we don’t look like we will in our fifties. At every stage of development we change, why should our lives be worth less at certain stages and not others?

Every life is created equal and should be protected equally.  If you agree join us every first Friday of the month and contact your representative and tell them to support life.

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Posted by Antwion Butler on 07/17 at 01:53 AM
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