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Jesse Jackson Kissed My Wife: Charmaine on Both Sides: Media Appearance


Years ago, Charmaine appeared on CNN—Jesse Jackson’s Both Sides with Mary Hartwood Futrell. And Wade Horn, at the time with Children’s Bureau, HHS.

L to R: Futrell, Jackson, Horn, Yoest

Jesse Jackson kissed Charmaine’s hand; a gallant gesture.  Who knew he was such a gentleman?

If the Alert Voter wishes to learn what Obama would do in Education; K to 12, we can see that Obama would do exactly what Jackson would do.

They both would follow the teachers’ union.

When Your Business Blogger(R) was moving kith and kin back to Ol’ Virginnie, we decided on a particular High School.

But we had to live in a particular neighborhood.  I could not send my kids to the school of my choice and live where I wanted to live.  The Teachers’ Union dictated where I would live, if I wanted that school.

I could not choose my school.

Sounds like something out of Soviet Russia…

Conservatives simply want to send their children where they want.  We pay the taxes, but we cannot decide.

Liberals will send their (unaborted) children to where ever the Teachers’ Union so directs.

No wonder Michelle Obama is not proud of her country...or maybe she is.

Jesse Jackson’s Both Sides is no longer on the air.  This edition was originally broadcast in 1992. Education Choice for our children has not changed much.

McCain wants school choice.  Obama does not.

McCain wants change.  Obama does not.

Watch the show here:

Full Disclosure:  Your Business Blogger(R) has an undergraduate degree in Education and is currently an adjunct professor of management in the Northern Virginia Community College.

UPDATE:  Alert Readers will recall that Jesse Jackson was once Pro-Life. 

Charmaine reminds me that Jackson actually kissed her on the cheek.  Which is less intimate that a kiss on the hand, for Hollywood. I guess…

Cross Post from Reasoned Audacity.  See 10 Tips for Your Big Show Biz Break

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Posted by Jack & Charmaine Yoest on 10/14 at 10:24 AM
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