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Lauren Richardson - Death by Starvation

This commentary was submitted to us from Tom Hallamyer, a man who has a child in PVS (persistive vegatative state).  He believes the effort of the Delaware government is nothing short of murder.

Lauren Richardson Death by Starvation.

Video of Randy Richardson interview with Fox News

Lauren Richardson’s father Randy is currently is a custody battle for his 23 year old daughter. Lauren is in a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS), the result of a drug overdose. Laurens mother is planning to have her feeding tube removed as she claims Lauren wouldn’t want to live like that. Could there be more to the story?

Like too much of our nations youth, Lauren had a drug problem, but she was doing well dealing with it, going on ten months sober. Just prior to her overdose she told her mother she was pregnant. Her mother was insisting on an abortion. Lauren refused and then overdosed on narcotics.  While she was in PVS (persistive vegatative state), she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Obviously Lauren was Pro-Life in her decision to keep the child.

Laurens mother, Edith Towers, was granted custody of the beautiful baby girl by the Delaware Court System. The same baby girl Edith Towers wanted to terminate. Edith considered Lauren’s pregnancy an unwanted pregnancy.  Doesn’t that make Lauren’s baby an unwanted baby in the eyes of Edith Towers? The Delaware Court “System” doesn’t think so. Who would want to be raised by a woman who never wanted to see you in the first place?

According to court records, Towers recalled her daughter saying, “Don’t ever leave me hooked up to life support. I would not want that. I think it is horrible. I think that I do not ever want to be kept on life support if the doctors say there’s no hope.” Ms Towers Lawyer didn’t let her leave anything out of that statement did he?.  I’m sure Ms Towers Lawyer defines life support in his/her favor as well.

Since Lauren can swallow her formula and water it could be given orally, couldn’t it? Isn’t a feeding tube just more convenient and safer for the care giving staff? In his Jan. 24 decision, Glasscock found that the unsubstantiated testimony presented by Lauren’s mother was “clear and convincing” about her wishes. The Delaware ACLU, said it is a sad situation for all involved but the system appears to be working the way it was intended. Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, agreed. “Delaware is a state that does not require living wills or other written documents to allow for someone to be removed from life support”.  He added “It is among the states that allow verbal testimony from friends and family about what the patient would have wanted.” How convenient for the state of Delaware. Just as convenient to have an abortion.

There is nothing convenient about Laurens condition. Her father Randy and his new family are willing to take on the burden. In a clear move to prevent Randy’s ability to present new evidence as custodian, her mother has denied any other Doctors from seeing her. It looks like “the system appears to be working the way it was intended”.

Is the removal of a feeding tube really just a moral or ethical issue for those who support the practice?  Isn’t it a fact that the largest contributors to U.S. Right-to-Die and or Pro-Choice organizations are health maintenance organizations? For example, Planned Parenthood (a non-profit organization) has reported having a 35 million dollar surplus in 2003-2004 fiscal year. They call it “Surplus”, normal people call it “Profit”. Yet the U.S. Goverment continues to fund them.

WorldNetDaily.com Article

Does someone who’s terminally ill have the right to express their desire to “Die with Dignity”? The short answer is yes. But in the cases of the disabled or those who can not speak for themselves, does anyone have the right (without evidence) to decide for them. The answer is NO! Yet Master Sam Glasscock III has given Edith Towers the authority to do so without evidence. Did Master Sam Glasscock consider the fact that Lauren is Pro-Life when he granted Edith Towers custody of Lauren for the sole purpose of killing her?

Has even one neurologist ever explained why any patient has recovered from a Persistent Vegetative State? Doesn’t the term “Medical Practice” leave room for error? As a Society shouldn’t we err in favor of life? Where and when do we draw the line on Non-voluntary Euthanasia? What group of disabled people would be next on the hit list? Alzheimers? Downs Syndrome? Many think he was just kidding when he said “Thou shalt not kill” I’m not one of them.
It is a sad and sickening fact that our elected officials and our court system, as well as many church groups, keep the practice of “Mercy Killing” hidden under the rug. A common practice in all 50 states.  I am not referring to assisted suicide but to the removal of a feeding tube. Death by starvation and dehydration is quietly sanctioned at all levels of our government. The only time we hear about it is when a family member puts up a fight. The word euthanasia comes from the Greeks meaning “pleasant death.” If death by starvation and dehydration is so pleasant then why was Terri Shiavo, like all the others, given massive doses of narcotics at the end of her life? If Terri had to die wouldn’t it had been more humane to hold a pillow over her head? Or perhaps a lethal injection to make it quick? Unfortunately for Terri, and soon Lauren, cruel and unusual punishment is a right reserved for murderers.  There are primarily two reasons opponents of the death penalty cite. One is that it is cruel and unusual punishment. The other is that there may have been an error during the trial, and as a society, we should err in favor of life. Can you say hypocrite? I’m not trying to hide who I’m talking about, they’re called liberals.   

So what can be done to help Randy and Melissa Richardson in their effort to save Lauren’s life? I would say contact the Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, but she had removed her web page from the net and was cowaring behind her office door.


She’s doing that in her best interest and the best interest of the Pro-Death people of Delaware. Governor Minner could care less about defending the weakest of the weak. Governor Minner is not interested in making an informed decision,


nor does she care about hearing a fathers plea for his daughter’s life. The Honorable Governor Minners lack of compassion is nothing short of pathetic. Would it kill her or her political career to just listen? The mainstream media already considers Lauren’s fight old news.

But people can speak up!

People can stand up for Lauren. People can write to Legislators from the list below as I have and help plead for Laurens life and forthe lives that will follow as they will in every state. And we can pray that someone says or does the right thing at the right time, now. And what is the saddest part of all? Edith Towers will be the one explaining to a little girl what happened to her mother. Do you think she’ll tell her the truth? I never wanted to see you and I let your mother die. 

You can vist Lauren’s web page www.lifeforlauren.com

Tom Hallamyer

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Posted by Turnstile on 05/21 at 09:00 PM
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