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Letter to the Editor from a pro-abort

I received this letter today.  The main reason I am posting it is because this is the kind of letter / challenge we in the pro-life movement get frequently.

“Today, one of your staunchest members told me a joke.  She said: “a gay guy walks into a bar.  The bartender says, “have you died of AIDS yet?” and she proceeded to laugh gutturally and heartily.”

Interesting, a homosexual joke.  Are you insinuating that pro-life people are telling homosexual jokes all the time?  What connection does this have with the pro-life movement and what is your fixation with homosexuality?

“I am writing because I find it 1) intellectually interesting that someone who condemns people for killing cells (by the way we kill billions of skin cells every time we wash our hands) would advocate or call for the death of fully formed, actual people with personalities, feelings, and all the things that come with being a human, and”

“Intellectually”?  You are saying that washing your hands is equivalent to killing babies in the womb.  Skin cells don’t grow into living human beings.  A person in the womb will one day be born, become a toddler, a teenager, and yes, a person perhaps like you, who believes that skin cells are living human beings.

You also added “fully formed”.  I am missing a foot.  Does that not qualify me as a human being in your eyes?

“2) why is it that most anti-abortion people are not against war?  If you oppose killing skin-cell-sized life forms, why don’t you oppose the bombing and killing of millions of innocent children being caused by our military?  Being anti-abortion almost perfectly predicts being pro-war, statistically. Why do you think that is?”

Most anti-abortion people are against war.  We are also against crime.  Pro-abortion people on the other hand are fixated with saving murderers from execution and trying to release terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, while calling for the summary execution of innocent babies in the womb, who have done no harm to anyone.

Pro-abortion people pretend that 9/11 didn’t happen, or, even say to themselves that we deserved it, some say because of our support for Israel.  You pretend that there aren’t evil people out there, waiting to kill Americans, primarily because we are Christians.  You pretend that Christians and Jews aren’t being slaughtered regularly.  You say that we are killing “millions” of innocent children.  I challenge you to prove any intentional mass-slaughter of Islamic children for no reason by Christians.

Our brave American and allied soldiers go into combat with their fingers off the trigger to avoid unintentional killing of innocents.  The Islamic terrorists on the other hand blow up babies, women, children and everyone around an American soldier.  They hold women and children in front of them as human shields.

Sir, you live in a delusional world, a world supported by Democrats, and is proof positive why voting for them is bad for our health.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity

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Posted by Turnstile on 03/03 at 07:08 PM
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