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It’s time for Pro-Life Unity

It is time to stop trying to please those who oppose life. We try to blend in or not make waves to appeal to the masses in so many different ways. To name a few:

> We try to not be too "Christian"
> We try to not be so "conservative"
> We try to appeal to Democrats
> We are constantly arguing with people who disagree with us
> We try to skirt around the health of the mother, life of the mother issue

We don't have to defend our position. People who are for abortion or do nothing to help end it are turning their backs on the killing of human beings. We don't choose to do that. It's that simple!

It’s a waste of breath & it’s a waste of time to do these things.  We are better off putting our resources into efforts that directly challenge the culture of death.  Blogging is good, writing is good, talk shows are good, but by themselves, they are a total waste of time!

We must do more.  And when we think we’ve done enough, we must do even more!  Over 3,500 people are killed in America every single day.  I think America has gotten numb to that number, because it really seems like most people don’t care. 

They don’t.

Oh well, so it goes, they just don’t care.  Because if they did, they would riot in the streets, they would ring the phones off the hooks of our representatives, like they did with the phony immigration bill not long ago.  But the cold, hard reality is, America just doesn’t care about babies, people, humans, God’s children, killed in the womb.

I don’t want to hear any polls about how “America is mostly Pro-Life” or whatever.  America is not Pro-Life.  34 years of killing and almost 50 million dead prove that.  Don’t tell me all we have to do is vote Pro-Life representatives into office. Pro-Life Republicans had control of Government for years, and what did they do?  Practically nothing!  President Bush even stated that America’s heart wasn’t ready to change on the topic.  He said:

“I don’t think the culture has changed to the extent that the American people or the Congress would totally ban abortions,”

I know, people will point to his active efforts to challenge abortion, like these:


But it’s not enough.  We need more from our Pro-Life representatives who are in power & we need to demand change from our representatives who are pro-abortion.

Do we need to wait for our “culture to change” before we end abortion?  I don’t think so.  It wasn’t until 1968 when America decided it was time to stop public racism.  Only 40 years ago.  It took 400 years for our “culture to change”.  I’m not willing to wait that long to end abortion.  I say, not another day!  It’s time for ProLifeUnity and it’s time for a Pro-Life revival.

Okay, that’s enough griping by me.  What can we do?  Like I said, we can get more involved.  How?

* The 40 Days for Life project is halfway through.  Check that out at http://www.40DaysForLife.com.

* Monthly Call For Life - http://www.MonthlyCallForLife.com - Every month on the first Friday, Email and/or call your representatives and let them know that we expect them to oppose abortion and human killing research.  If you have a Pro-Life bill coming up in your state, ask them to support it or create one.  Your reps won’t answer the phone anyway, but you can leave a message on their machine or with their secretary.  On the first Saturday following the first Friday, go to an abortion mill and pray for the women going in & their babies who might not make it out.  Or you can become a sidewalk counselor & actually try to stop them by learning how to communicate with women in a short period of time effectively.

* ProLifeUnity - http://www.ProLifeUnity.com - The Action Code on the left already reaches over 1/4 million people per month.  Help promote the Action Calls by putting them on your site.  It’s a simple line of code we can email you.  Send us a message at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) & ask for more information.  We are also looking for state representatives across America who will write about what is happening & will help update their state calendar.

* Pro-Life Action League - http://www.ProLifeAction.org - Join Chicago efforts to help challenge abortion in that state.

* American Life League, Rock for Life - http://www.RockForLife.org, Stop Planned Parenthood and more.  Find info about these Pro-Life leaders at http://www.all.org.

* The Kansas Coalition for Life - http://www.kcfl.net - Probably the longest continuous presence at an abortion mill in the world!  Join Mark Gietzen & help close Tiller’s mill.

* Stand True - http://www.StandTrue.com - Lots of youth efforts.

* SurvivorsLA - http://www.Survivors.la - If you are born after 1973, you’re a survivor.  Get involved.

* Donate - If you have money, give to any of the orgs.

* Pro-Life News - http://www.ProLifeNews.tv - Multimedia Pro-Life News - Check out recorded & live events.

* NationalProLifeRadio.net - 24/7 Pro-Life information, interviews & entertainment.

* Operation Rescue - http://www.operationrescue.org - Help close Tiller’s in Kansas or try out a truth truck.

* National Black Pro-Life Union - http://www.NationalBlackProLifeUnion.com - An up & coming resource & action site for Black Pro-life Americans

* DefendLife.org - http://www.DefendLife.org - Opposed to the graphic signs?  Get over it or stop opposing those who know they need to show them so that America will FACE THE TRUTH!

* National Pro-Life Alliance - http://www.prolifealliance.com/ - HR 618 - They promote the Federal Human Life Amendment.  We also promote HR 618 at MonthlyCallForLife.com & encourage people to call in support of it once a month on the first Friday.

* 100% ProLife Pac - http://www.prolifepac.com/ - Every state should have their questionnaire

* Annual March for Life - http://www.marchforlife.org - The biggest annual Pro-Life effort, held in Washington D.C., this year, on January 22nd.

Last but not least, support the Georgia Human Life Amendment, HR 536 - http://www.legis.ga.gov/legis/2007_08/versions/hr536_LC_14_9715_a_4.htm.  Why Georgia?  This has a good chance of passing, & if it does, well, it will tick off the pro-abortion crowd plenty, & it will most likely be a direct challenger to Roe vs Wade & Doe vs Bolton.  South Dakota’s amendment might have done that for us, if it hadn’t been for some of our “friends” who opposed it & helped it fail. 

Go to http://www.GeorgiaHLA.com for more information.  Even if you are from out of state, you can support this important effort.  Plan to be there on January 14th & help make this one of the biggest rallies in Pro-Life history, and then plan on going to Washington D.C. on January the 22nd for the March for Life!

ProLifeUnity.com  Why?  Because there are only so many of us out there, & we if team up, we become stronger and our voices become louder

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