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Michael Jackson, Billy Graham, And The Sidewalk Counselors

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, ad infinitum. The overblown media coverage like this is usually reserved for the passing of former presidents. To put it all in perspective, he was a great entertainer and had some very popular songs, and that was pretty much it. Did he actually change people’s lives for the better? I have been a big fan of singers in the past, as most people have, but did they actually change our lives? Without ever hearing their music, would we really have been any different at our core? There is very little likelihood that we would have, just as Jackson’s fans wouldn’t have been much different at their core if they never heard his music. Now, of course, many will dispute that, but if they base how they have lived their lives by liking Jackson’s music, then it’s a sad situation. Also, the adulation this person has received is interesting, to say the least, for one who is extremely hedonistic, accused of pedophilia, a drug addict, and in the last 10 to 15 years considered by many to be a freak.

There are those in society that have permanently altered lives for the better that when they die undoubtedly would be lucky to get 10% of the attention that Michael Jackson’s death received. Consider that Billy Graham has brought actual transformation to millions of people throughout the world by bringing them to Christ. James Dobson has similarly changed numerous individuals and families for the better with his Focus on the Family organization. Hopefully, these great men will live for many years, but when they pass, can you imagine the lack of attention they will receive by the celebrity-driven media and populace.

Across this country there are a multitude of sidewalk counselors and pro-life advocates, in general, who have actually saved thousands of lives from being destroyed. When these people die, odds are that their local press will not mark their passing except for your normal obituary. But when you think about it, these people have changed more lives than Michael Jackson ever did. How many lives did he save? If he had, it’s obvious we would have heard about it by now.

Celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Anna Nichole Smith, and numerous others died in a similar fashion of heavy drug usage and obvious sadness in their lives. Maybe they knew that they didn’t deserve all of the attention, but didn’t know how to deal with it any other way. Possibly, they might have wished that they were like the unknown sidewalk counselor receiving the internal reward of saving a life. Instead they were on the receiving end of tremendous amounts of adulation from the media and public for often doing little that deserved it.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 07/09 at 12:20 AM
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