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Observations Of The World We Live In, November 2009

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1. Pro-life groups should oppose the whole health care bill, because abortion will be in there no matter what. Abortion is extremely important to Obama. Remember his views on the Freedom of Choice Act and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. The positive side of fighting against taxpayer-funded abortion is that it brought the subject to the forefront across America.

2. I’ve heard commentators from every perspective say that the Blue Dog Democrats should be very worried about their support of the health care bill. I believe almost anyone who is up for re-election next year in either the House or Senate should be very concerned about losing their job if they vote for this.

3. By deciding to try the terrorists in a New York civilian court, once again it is obvious that Obama believes in giving more rights to terrorists than innocent unborn babies.

4. Obama, the media, and many liberals portrayed the town hall attendees as right-wing extremists associated with the insurance companies. One of the first acts of the Obama administration was to label pro-lifers as right-wing extremists and possible terrorists. When abortionist George Tiller was murdered, the media and the administration were quick to make it appear that all pro-lifers were responsible. But we were told not to jump to obvious conclusions about the killer of 14 people at Ft. Hood. Obama hasn’t called him a terrorist or even an extremist.

5. The pathetic media has no clue until it will be too late that the Sarah Palin express has run them over. They’ve downplayed and mocked the tea parties, town halls, and the Washington DC rallies. They will try to do the same for Sarah Palin thinking that they have some sort of power to make it work. It won’t. They will continue to look like idiots, but they won’t even realize it.

6. A Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson, quit after seeing an ultrasound abortion. First of all, one wonders why after all her time there she did not know that babies were being killed. Answer - Planned Parenthood must do a fantastic job of indoctrinating their workers into thinking it’s just a blob. Obviously, that is why they fight so hard against the showing of ultrasounds. Shouldn’t a “choice” have more than one option?

7. Just because an organization has a fancy title doesn’t mean that they’re right. The American Psychological Association doesn’t believe in any kind of post-abortion syndrome. If there are repercussions from an abortion, well, they believe that the woman had those same problems before an abortion. The National Education Association has supported pro-abortion candidates 95% of the time even though in the last 36 years abortion has killed more than 50 million future students. The organization Human Rights Watch supports abortion even though one of their biggest concerns are human rights for children.

8. Obama recently said for the umpteenth time that he would listen to any good ideas on how to improve the economy. My answer - CUT TAXES, especially the capital gains taxes and any others that curtail business growth. Of course, he won’t because he can’t gain more control of you and me by doing that.

9. I believe average Americans are thinking about the pro-life issue more now than ever before. Why? Because Fox News and conservative talk radio hosts have become more popular with average citizens. These outlets are not afraid to bring up the issue and occasionally have guests discussing it logically. The pathetic other networks rarely bring it up, and when they do they portray pro-lifers as extreme nuts.

10. Even though abortion is being more openly discussed by adults, the key is in the youth of America. Many high school and college students are saying to their professors, fellow students, and society in general that they believe abortion is wrong. I think it’s interesting that many colleges teach their students to think logically, but when they do on the abortion issue they are often met with resistance.

11. Thankfully we have diversions from the madness in our society - the politically correct NFL, movies that are either anti-American, anti-Christian or just anti-good morals, or we can spend Sunday morning in one of the many pro-choice churches.

Original post from Stand For Life

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Posted by Monte Harms on 11/18 at 02:23 AM
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