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Press Conference at the Teacher’s Union Convention July 2nd



Your-Business-Blogger(R) has a degree in education and was pressured by the National Education Association (NEA) to join the union years ago.

“The NEA is great when you get sued,” said the (very large) union rep.

I declined to teach and went into a less violent business:  The Army.

The NEA is having their convention in Your Nation’s Capital next week.  On 2 July Pro-Life Educators and Students (PLEAS) will be conducting a rally at the Washington Convention Center from 10:00am and 2:00pm.

This press conference would have my attention even if I didn’t have five kids in the public schools or if Charmaine wasn’t speaking.

And if Charmaine is speaking, you’ll want to listen.  This time we own the mic.

Charmaine is pictured above elbowing aside pro-abortion NOW President Kim Gandy at a open press conference in 2005.  This is the only Women in Combat of which conservatives would approve.

PLEAS Coordinator Bob Pawson says, “Pro-Life teachers, school employees, parents, and students are invited to come pray and peacefully picket…Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama will surely address NEA’s 9,000 Delegates, as they did last year.”

Pro-Life teachers are concerned that their union dues support and promote abortion and political candidates who tolerate the holocaust of the unborn.

Pawson explains, “Late-term abortionist George Tiller spoke at NEA headquarters for the [pro-abortion] Feminist Majority Foundation’s Leadership Conference in March 2008.”  Watch the YouTube video here.  Warning: graphic pictures of dead children.

No pro-life speakers or political candidates are supported by the NEA.

NEA union President, Reg Weaver is backing Obama; “every public school employee needs to get squarely behind the Obama candidacy.”

The union tells us,

“The National Education Association supports…the right to reproductive freedom”—the abortion code-words.

The “NEA supports the ...Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision which now permits abortion on demand through nine months of pregnancy.  The NEA is silent on the Dred Scott decision which also codified the ownership of one human being by another.  The Dred Scott slave owner is the Roe v Wade feminist.

This teacher’s union does not want parents to decide which schools to send our children.

The NEA union demands condoms in the classroom through “access to birth control methods with instruction in their use” and “family planning counseling”—more code-words for abortion.

The union is biased. The NEA will always refer to the life issue as “pro-choice or anti-abortion.”  Never as Pro-Life.

The “NEA does not believe the public [outside the school] should be able to [use] weapons [in self-defense] and seeks to control the sale of low-cost handguns…”

“While NEA agrees the study of religion has a broad impact on society and should be included in public school curriculum, the Association cautions that the approach used should be academic, not devotional. [Through] its partnership with the [liberal, pro-abortion] National Council of Churches…”

The NEA believes it has replaced the parents in the rearing of children.  “[E]ducational…professionals are front-line soldiers in the battle for quality…education…”

Education “[E]mployees who don’t join the Association must still pay an agency fee that covers the costs of activities related to collective bargaining as well as contract administration and enforcement.”  And these fungible fees support pro-abortion candidates.

There are “Complaints that NEA uses tenure to protect incompetent teachers…”  Most employees today are in a dynamic fast moving workplace and are challenged to produce an outstanding product, and, at some point in their careers, may have been terminated.  No union teacher ever gets fired.  And the students still are not performing. 

And the students can’t read.  “Many NEA members are reading specialists, well trained,” but they are concerned that parents place “too much emphasis on phonics.”  These union experts hate phonics, love the failed ‘look-say’ reading method and get upset when parents want results.  Results delivered by teaching phonics.

The NEA “believes it is unfair… to use a written test as the single means of determining a…teacher’s competency or as a condition of employment…”  Junior gets written tests all day to determine if he knows anything and if he can communicate on paper.  But not the union teacher.

The union “believes schools should raise awareness of homophobia” as if the parents don’t hear about homosexual demands twice a day.  Or thrice if in the Boy Scouts.

The union demands “respect” for students who want to mutilate their bodies in transgender surgical operations where male genitals are amputated. 

“NEA believes the classroom is an appropriate place to discuss new information and varying viewpoints… The Association also believes censoring library books… will not help prepare students for life in the real world.”  The union wants tax dollars for Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate.

The “NEA knows what really works for all children…” Abortion, sex ed, gun control, homosexuality, life-time employment, and Johnny still can’t read or name the state capitals or the presidents in order.

  But the union knows best.

The NEA should respect the wishes of its Pro-Life membership.  Helping students learn basic skills would be an added member benefit.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger(R) has returned to teaching as an adjunct professor of management at the local college.  No union dues required.

Even Rush Limbaugh loved Kim Gandy getting bested.  See, Rush Limbaugh Reports Head NAG Shoved Aside.

A free exchange of ideas?  Not in union classrooms: Pro-Life Student Forced to Remove Abortion T-Shirt

Can schools help in controlling teen sex?  Nope, not the union; see Charmaine Quoted in The Washington Post on Teen Sex

This is a cross post from Reasoned Audacity.

UPDATE:  Press Conference at the Family Research Council building at 9:30 to 10:15am, then on to the presser at the Convention Center at 10:30am.

Your Business Blogger(R) of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a licensed agent for the William Oncken Corporation presenters of Managing Management Time(TM) fondly known as Monkey Management.

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Posted by Jack & Charmaine Yoest on 06/24 at 03:28 PM
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