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The extreme arrogance of Bill OReilly

Bill OReilly was doing a show on the healthcare bill, talking about how liberals just want to give free healthcare to everyone. I don't have a problem with him challenging Juan Williams on this, because we all know that's what the liberals want to do. What OReilly said to Juan though showed his extreme arrogance. As it is, Bill OReilly always says things that are extremely arrogant, nothing new there, but what he just said absolutely blew my mind. Here's the exchange:

OReilly: "You got a lot of poor people in this country, you know, 20/30 million people, and they're poor for a reason. Substance abuse is a reason, lack of intelligence, laziness, poor planning, having 3 babies before you're 20 with no father, and all of that. So there's always a reason why people are poor in America. There's always a reason."

I RARELY agree with Juan, but I was so grateful he didn't let OReilly get away with that that rude statement.

Juan said: "First of all, let me just say, a lot of the poor, and I know you like to just put me in some crew, but a lot of the poor, Bill, are elderly people and children in this country, and they're not there because they're drunks or they're lazy lay-a-bouts."

I was stunned that Bill OReilly would be such an arrogant SOB and lump "the poor" into his smug little category of people who just aren't doing all they can to be millionaires like him. I pray millions of people call and let him know he's out of touch with "the little guy."

Peter Shinn
Cherish Life Ministries
A Call to The Church

Pro-Life Unity
United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

Posted by Turnstile on 11/12 at 02:16 AM
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