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The Faces of Rape Conception

There is so much controversy with this issue. Mostly people who have not been pregnant through rape are the one dictating what happens in these horrible circumstances. Finally many of us are stepping out and letting our voices be heard. Mothers as well as children in rape need to be heard.

These videos show twelve people associated with rape conception. Nine are the children and three are the mothers. The mothers are truly heroes for allowing God to turn what could have been a lifelong trauma into an opportunity to be a hero. Heroes save lives and these three mothers did just that for their rape conceived children. They do not regret giving birth though the rape will never be forgotten. Strangely some mothers have even told me that their suffering didn’t even come close to the joy felt in giving birth to their precious children. There suffering was worth the life of their precious child though they would not ask to be raped. There is something far stronger than evil. That is the power of life that God gives.

My own mother forgave those men five years after her rape but she knew I was given by God when she was pregnant. She fought her own family to save my life. As many mothers have told me and you’ll hear on the video below, there was healing from the rape through giving birth. That is supernatural.

Our society sees us as throw always but God and those who have eyes to see know that we are the greatest of opportunity to redeem the worst of offenses. Does God or the women want rape? I know that sounds crazy to ask but I have been accused of wanting rape because I was conceived that way. Wow how incredibly cold and senseless. People who have suffered and found greater joy after the suffering totally understand redemption.

Mothers of rape and their children have the opportunity to see God. Why didn’t God stop that rape instead? I am not God to tell you why. But I do know that there is something supernatural in the aftermath of suffering even though we don’t know how that adds up. God does.

Most friends and family of women conceiving in rape are the ones wanting to destroy the child. Even my own grandmother wanted me dead before abortion was legal. My mother did not want to destroy me. I have spoken to many women who were forced to abort their child. Is anyone listening to the mothers. Planned Parenthood says they are concerned with the woman’s well being but do they ask what they want in situations like thi? No it is assumed women want to get rid of the “demon spawn.” I was called that by some mindless attacker on YouTube. 

How is it that children of rapists can be killed but not children of murderers, thieves, and their like? No one should be killed for the crimes of their fathers. The offenders are not even targeted for death if caught.  They are protected but who will protect the innocent.  Mothers of those children understand and for that I call them heroines. And their battle doesn’t end after their decision to give birth.

If they choose to raise the child there lurks the stigma of their conception. Many live their whole life in secret as if they were the offenders.

These videos show life from a different perspective. The child of rape is devastated by how they entered the world. But society is the one that piles imaginary condemnation that can weigh a person down almost to death. In 95% of the the children I have spoken to God is their focus and their redeemer. He is our Father ultimately because God is the author and finisher of all life. Man is not. For those struggling without knowing their creator there are thoughts of suicide and worthlessness. I have not found anyone on middle ground yet. I’ve yet to speak to those who say I don’t believe in God and I am fine with how I was conceived in violence.


Please listen to both videos and share them with as many as you can.  These twelve are awesome but I am looking for even more who will come forward and share, even anonymously. Our time has come and we are not going to stay in darkness and shame.


If you or someone you know has a story to share please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  I have been getting so many stories from around the world. Some stories have never been told before. You can read about some of those stories at www.judamyers.com


No child should be born in shame. And certainly the mothers of rape children should be hailed as the heroines they truly are.

Here is the video of three mothers of rape conceived children telling their story.

This is the video of nine people conceived in rape.


Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Posted by Juda Myers on 01/21 at 01:15 PM
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