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The Selfish Pro-Abortion Tea Party Movement Gets It Wrong


From Worldnetdaily.com


“They (Tea Party) unveiled a new “Contract From America,” a document that emphasizes free-market principles, limited government and individual liberty. More than 440,000 Americans voted for the 10 issues that matter most to them.”

The top 10 issues are:

1) Require each bill to identify its constitutional authorization

2) Defund, repeal, and replace government-run health care

3) Demand a balanced budget

4) End runaway government spending by imposing a statutory cap limiting growth in federal spending

5) Enact fundamental reform to simplify and lower taxes

6) Create a Blue Ribbon task force that engages in a complete audit of federal agencies and programs

7) Reject cap-and-trade

8) Pass an “all of the above” energy policy

9) Stop the 2011 tax hikes

10) Stop the pork.


Nothing about abortion, where women kill 4,000 of their children every single day in America in their own wombs.  Nothing about embryonic stem cell research, which Obama has made a federally paid mass slaughter of Americans.  Nothing about cloning, which is already funded in Missouri & is on the way to being federally funded.

Nothing about end of life issues at all.

The main thing you hear people complain about nowadays is the taxpayer funding of abortions, not the act of killing babies, only that they now have to pay for it!

Click here to check the ‘core values’ at the Tea Party Patriots website.  The values are:

  * Fiscal Responsibility
  * Constitutionally Limited Government
  * Free Markets

The token “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is there, but nothing about what that means.

American leadership and many of the Tea Parties are selfish and could care less about the unborn and the disabled, who are the ones most slaughtered in the womb.  I’ve discussed this issue with organizers of Tea Party events in the past and they told me that they don’t deal with the topic as a primary issue.  They have no strong moral compass.  I spoke to national Tea Party leadership not long ago, and when I told them I was president of Pro-Life Unity, what did they have to say to me?  “We don’t deal with that issue on a national level, but local and state groups are free to discuss it as they choose.”  Right, the cowardly way out.  They are either pro-abortion or too chicken to stand for what is right and too cowardly to defend the unborn, perhaps for fear of being marginalized by those who might not like the abortion issue to be too dominant in their political efforts.

Pro-life has become a word.  It’s meaningless.  Sean Hannity and all the rest of the so-called “conservative” broadcasters use the pro-life movement and the dead babies to make money.  They don’t go to the abortion mills, they don’t challenge Americans to stop the evil.  The most they cry out against are the tax hikes, & gee, guess what, the tax hikes are aimed squarely at them!  Therefore, in my mind, they are just as bad as the abortionists who are doing the killing.  No, they are worse, because the “conservatives” make money bragging about how pro-life they are while pointing fingers at the so-called evil Democrats.

I would love to be wrong on this, but the problem is, you can’t prove me wrong.  To the contrary, I can prove myself right.  When was the last time you say a national push to end abortion that was as strong as it was to end the tax hikes for people like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck?  Never, zip, zero, nada…it has never happened.  How about one that was as strong as the push to stop illegal immigration (which I don’t support, so don’t even go there)?  Nope, that never happened either.

There has never been a major push by the “conservative” leadership, churches (other than those who participate in 40 Days for Life, a prayer effort which saves lives at the abortion mills and helps close the mills) or broadcasters to end abortion.  They have accepted it as the law of the land and will only complain about it.

It’s hard to believe that America fought wars to end unfair taxes, yet we won’t demand an end to the intentional killing of millions of innocent human beings.

Folks, our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, is calling for an end to abortion and human killing research.  Do you hear the call?  If you do, than rise up and demand an end to this!  Talk to everyone about it, no matter how unpopular you become.  Get louder, do more and encourage everyone you know to do more.

Christians, it’s time to pray & fast for the salvation of our land, to save the lives of the millions of innocents who are slaughtered every year and for the healing of the women who have been convinced that abortion is a way out, a “choice”.

How big is your God?

Mine says it’s time to Stop Abortion Now Everywhere (SANE)

For Life & Liberty

Peter Shinn

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Posted by Turnstile on 04/16 at 04:47 AM
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