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To whom does the glory of the victory of the Texas Bill go to?

John Smith sent us this comment which was posted on LifeSiteNews after it was not only removed, but he was also banned from posting there again. 

I have received at least 10 separate emails from various “pro-life” groups, whose only claim to fame in the historic Texas legislative battle was to attend the final vote, asking for money to help “them” in the fight for pre-born babies.

Balderdash! The people of the great state of Texas along with the Holy Spirit worked for years for this victory, without the help of all these inside the beltway money changers. They did not ask for all these interlopers to rush in at the last minute and attempt to divvy up the credit so each group could meet quarterly fundraising goals.

The glory for this victory goes to the Father, and the good people of Texas who sacrificed years of their lives in transforming Texas into one of the most pro-life states in the Union.

Also, I am astounded at how many pro-life advocates drink the Kool Aid of the institutional pro-life wine and cheese crowd. The truth is that none of the urine, feces, or bricks made it into the state capitol. These items were seized by state troopers. Not a single tampon or pad was thrown, not a single one.

And to all those who were shivering in fear in private offices inside the state capitol, I want you to meet my God.

I wear the armor of Christ, and have no fear from harbingers of child murder. I will walk unimpeded by threats, crowds, and minions of satan, for my Father is larger and more powerful than them all.

Sadly, most of you are accustomed to being surrounded by emasculated males who have almost no concept of courage and spend more time trying to coordinate what belt,  shoes, and socks go best with their “man” bag than they do in prayer or in waging a battle for what is right in Christ’s eyes.

Remember, you should never bring a boy to a man’s fight in the great state of Texas.

PS - The majority of Texas pro-life women have far more faith, courage, and fight than the majority of all men from other states.

Posted by Turnstile on 07/31 at 06:13 PM
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