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United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

August, 2011
Please consider joining thousands in the Mustard Seed Project by sending a letter each month to a designated corporation asking them to stop supporting Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider. 
If this is the first time you are receiving this request, it doesn’t take long. You can use the sample letter below or selected parts of it, or you can write your own.  You can save your letter to use again next month, just change the addressee and date. Since new items are provided each month you may want to update your letter.
If this is the umpteenth time you are receiving this, please persevere to help overcome the evil of abortion. Your letters definitely make a difference! The number of corporations that have stopped funding Planned Parenthood is now 280, costing PP over $40 million. The latest was our May 2011 correspondent – Maui Jim. Please remember to always keep the tone of your letters respectful and polite.
Consider asking others to join Project Mustard Seed. Last month we sent this message to over 1,400 people. This month over 1,600 people are receiving the message. Thank you for your continued support on behalf of the unborn and many blessings to you. Watch the baby growing in the womb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfgq7WiHbh4
The letter recipient for August 2011 is:  GOLDMAN SACHS.  Operations:  energy (Cogentrix Energy), financial (investing/planning: GS Capital Partners, SLK-Hull Derivatives), lodging (hotels/resorts).  Web Address: http://www2.goldmansachs.com/
Sample letter:  (text in red is new this month)
Mr. Lloyd C. Blankfein, Chairman & CEO
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
85 Broad St.
New York, NY 10004
Dear Mr. Blankfein:
Life Decisions International, after thoroughly researching the evidence and sending it to you several months ago in a certified letter, has publicly stated The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. supports Planned Parenthood, and we are greatly disappointed. Here are a few reasons.
Planned Parenthood’s Business Concerns
Exploitation of women using the abortion drug RU-486.  The Bronx, NY PP web site tells women:
1) “RU-486 abortions are performed through nine weeks of pregnancy”, but the FDA in an effort to protect women from the drug’s harmful and almost universal side effects has approved RU-486 only through 7 weeks;
2)  “Plan to be at the health center for 2-3 hour(s) for your entire abortion pill visit”, but the FDA requires doses three days apart administered by a physician and a follow-up visit.
3) “After your abortion pill visit, you will need access to … backup medical care available to you once you are home.”  In other words, Planned Parenthood will not treat any complications;
4) “… if RU-486 fails to abort them they must have a surgical abortion only at PP.”  Since at 9 weeks RU-486 fails 23% of the time, PP is trying to double their revenue on 23% of the women attempting an RU-486 abortion. They are trying to bully women with unenforceable requirements.
In 2004 Ohio banned the use of the abortion drug RU-486 unless administered in compliance with Federal Drug Administration directives including that it not be used past the seventh week (a limitation which Planned Parenthood ignores).  RU-486 abortions have resulted in women’s deaths and numerous adverse effects. The FDA issued a directive to reduce the adverse effects. See http://www.ru486facts.org/index.cfm?page for complete information on RU-486, particularly adverse reactions: death, abdominal pain [cramping] (97%), nausea (67%), headache (32%), vomiting (34%), diarrhea (23%), dizziness (12%), fatigue (9%), back pain (9%), uterine hemorrhage (7%), fever (4%), viral infections (4%), vaginitis (4%), rigors [chills/shaking] (3%). Some of these non-lethal reactions require hospital treatment including transfusions.
Planned Parenthood sued to have the law overturned, claiming the law was vague, required women to have surgical abortions and was an “undue burden” for women. In May 2011 the court summarily rejected all PP arguments.
PP’s use of RU-486, putting profits over women’s safety, is yet another reason why PP does not deserve funding.
Undeterred by their rebuff in Ohio, PP is suing Arizona over a similar law. In their lawsuit, Planned Parenthood says it is “medically inappropriate” to provide women with a physical examination before an abortion, keep intravenous drugs available in case of an emergency, and give women a follow up phone call twenty-four hours after taking the abortion pill. Planned Parenthood claims that they will have to shut down rather than offer women the same standard of care that they receive for every other medical procedure. The nation’s largest abortion provider is proving once again that they are more concerned with selling abortions than protecting vulnerable women.
Do you want to contribute to an organization that disregards women’s safety in order to increase their profit?
During the first three months of 2011 PP spent $400,000 lobbying Congress. http://www.lifenews.com/2011/04/21/planned-parenthood-increases-lobbying-defending-tax-funding/
Abby Johnson, former PP clinic director, states, “Though 98 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women are abortion, Planned Parenthood and its political allies have sworn up and down that taxpayer dollars do not pay for abortion. But of course they do. Planned Parenthood gets one-third of its entire budget from taxpayer funding and performed more than 650,000 abortions between 2008 and 2009.  An abortion is expensive. Its cost includes pay for the doctor, supporting medical staff, their health benefits packages and malpractice insurance.  As clinic director, I saw how money affiliate clinics receive from several sources is combined into one pot, not set aside for specific services.”
In 2009, 97.6 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood were sold abortions while less than 2.4 percent of pregnant women received non-abortion services including adoption and prenatal care.
In 2009, PP aborted 332,278 preborn babies - one every 95 seconds.
Medicaid worker knows to send sex-trafficker to PP. See: http://www.lifenews.com/2011/07/18/video-govt-official-sends-sex-traffickers-to-planned-parenthood/
Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards claimed that if PP’s federal funding of over $363 million was cut, it would stop them from doing mammograms for women, but PP doesn’t do mammograms.  She also said PP was necessary for American women’s health, but there are 7,000 other health centers in the US for women.  See: http://www.lifenews.com/2011/03/30/calls-confirm-planned-parenthood-misleads-on-offering-mammograms/
Planned Parenthood has for years claimed more federal funding would reduce the number of abortions. Through the years they have received large funding increases, but the number of abortions have outpaced the huge increases in funding. See: http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ppfa-govt-money.jpg
More than two dozen fiscally conservative groups wrote and asked Congress to revoke taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood because PP does not need the money. Here is a quote from their letter:  “ Planned Parenthood is awash in net income. From 2002 to 2007, the national organization and its affiliates took in $388 million more than they spent on programs and services. Even in the midst of the recession, the president of the organization still received an annual salary of more than $337,000 and thousands more in benefits and allowances. Planned Parenthood is receiving a rolling, annual bailout, and they don’t even need it.”
Do you think PP needs or deserves your support?  Do you want to support an organization that rejects safety guidelines for women? 
Americans United for Life reported it uncovered evidence of systemic financial irregularities within PP. AUL staff combed through 20 years of PP financial data and documented the known and alleged abuses by Planned Parenthood, including the misuse of federal health care and family planning funds, failure to report criminal child sexual abuse, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, assisting those engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking, and dangerous misuse of the abortion drug RU-486. AUL called upon Congress to investigate PP. http://www.aul.org/aul-special-report-the-case-for-investigating-planned-parenthood/
PP’s Disdain for the Law
You may wish to reconsider contributing to Planned Parenthood because they frequently fail to report the statutory rape of young girls who visit their facilities, and they have other violations. Examples of PP legal violations for 14 states (Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin) can be found at: http://liveaction.org/monalisa/ Scroll down for sample videos and for the PP violations map showing the violations in each state. Additional violations can be seen at http://liveaction.org/
A bill in the Illinois legislature would have expanded the definition of who is a “mandatory reporter” of suspected sexual abuse to include everyone inside an abortion clinic – not just the abortion practitioner and nurse.  It provides the maximum amount of protection for children who may be undergoing sexual abuse and are being taken to an abortion clinic by a predator.  Planned Parenthood, which has a history of covering up cases of sexual abuse, vigorously opposed it.  Even the pro-abortion organization, the Illinois Choice Action Team, supported the measure.
Planned Parenthood opposed legislation to prevent another abortuary horror story similar to Gosnell’s House of Horrors who has been indicted for murdering a woman and seven born children. http://www.lifenews.com/2011/04/20/abortion-advocates-blast-pennsylvania-bill-responding-to-gosnell/Planned
Parenthood of Cincinnati aborted a minor who was sexually abused by her adult coach without notifying her parents who sued PP for not complying with the statute requiring reports of known or suspected child abuse as well as Ohio’s parental consent statute. The judge found PP failed to obey the law.
Planned Parenthood of Perth Amboy, NJ has been caught on video tape willing to help a local pimp hide a sex-ring of child prostitutes who are in the country illegally by doing abortions on them or if they are under 14, to refer them for abortions.  The manager of the PP abortuary tells the person acting as a pimp to tell the girls to lie about their age and that she won’t ask for their social security numbers.  A ton of laws must be intended to be broken in this interview. See: http://www.frcblog.com/2011/02/planned-parenthood-talks-child-prostitution-with-liveaction/
Subsequently, five additional Planned Parenthood facilities were video-taped and one was audio taped agreeing to help pimps hide statutory rape and sex trafficking of children.  Planned Parenthood should be prosecuted for attempted crimes against children, not receiving your support. Planned Parenthood is being prosecuted in Kansas for crimes against children, 23 of which are felonies. Do you want your company to be known as a company that supports the enslavement of young girls for sex?
The New Jersey Department of Health on March 10 and 11, 2011 inspected the Planned Parenthood of Mercer County, New Jersey abortion center and found the facility is violating health and safety laws designed to protect women; e.g., failure to provide proper sterilization of medical instruments and devices. These violations placed the lives and health of women and young girls in imminent danger.
PP’s Financial Improprieties
Recently the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said $1.3 billion of payments made to Planned Parenthood between 2002 and 2008 are unaccounted for.  Is that the type of organization you want to support? (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/jun/18/planned-parenthoods-missing-millions/)
You may not want your donations to pay for PP’s embezzlements. An audit has discovered that the Director of Finance at the Planned Parenthood of Southwest Michigan abortion business used donations to pay for personal expenses. Rene Davis used approximately $5,000 in abortion company money to pay for personal expenses but, instead of getting fired, she became the organization’s Chief Operating Officer.
PP’s Social Agenda
Planned Parenthood spends $48 million a year on sex education programs in an effort to entice children into sexual activity; e.g., http://www.teenwire.com and It’s Perfectly Normal (a book for children as young as ten), without parental guidance or any idea of the morality of the sexual activity. The book has been called pornographic. See: http://www.cwfa.org/articles/6122/CFI/family/index.htm). Planned Parenthood promotes degrading sites for teens. See http://www.takecaredownthere.org
DO you want your company to have the reputation of contributing to an organization that endorses child pornography? Please stop supporting Planned Parenthood.
PP Salaries
An example of salaries at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, San Jose:  Linda Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer: $294,091. Benefits: $31,391. Total Compensation: $325,482.
Cecile Richards, PP’s president total compensation for 2008 was $346,285.
Do you really want to pay PP’s fines, legal fees, embezzlements, promoting abortions at home and abroad, covering up sexual abuse and sex slavery of young girls, and fighting FDA safety guidelines? You can use your money to help women by making a donation to a nearby pregnancy center, adoption center, or natural family planning group at http://www.boma-usa.org.
Planned Parenthood is a very successful business, but it is a disaster for America. It contributes to the spread of debilitating diseases, and has done it all under the guise of a “charitable” organization, with 39 percent of its funding coming from our taxes.

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Posted by John Naughton on 08/19 at 08:56 PM

Welcome to ProLifeUnity.com

What is ProLifeUnity.com?

First of all, let’s remember what this is all for.  Over 45 million human beings have been killed by abortion in the United States since 1973.  Almost 4,000 a day join them.  I am involved in the Pro-Life movement to help save the unborn and defend the defenseless.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to the effort.  If there is a local picket or Call for Life I participate and let others know about it.  If I can donate I will help out as much as I can.  We must unite and help each other help the unborn.  There are millions of us who know that we must do all we can to end abortion and the culture of death.  If we put our voices, emails and hands together, we will be louder and stronger with our Pro-Life Unity.

We are a “United Call to Action” site which gives all Pro-Life entities the ability to get their Action Calls out to every other member of ProLifeUnity.com, and anyone else who is interested in helping save the unborn through action.  The more members we have, the more your Action Call will be seen.

Through our united Pro-Life blogging, organizational and individual efforts we can help your Action Call achieve greater results. 

What do you have to do?  Besides participating in Calls for Action when you can, not much really.  We have set up this system so that it runs itself.

Here’s how it works:

1) You sign up with ProLifeUnity.com
> You must agree with our Life Principles

2) You receive an email with information and code that you put in your site that will automatically post the most recent Call for Action itemon your site or blog.  If we all put our United Calls for Life section in the same place, everyone will automatically look there to see what the latest Action Item is.

3) When you submit a United Call for Action on your site it will automatically post on the right side of the ProLifeUnity.com web site and on all member sites.  As more members come on board our sites will update frequently.  ProLifeUnity.com will post 20 recent Calls for Action but you only the most recent 3 will post on member sites.

4) When visitors come to the site and see the Call for Action they will know that they should do something to help the unborn by participating in a Pro-Life organization or effort.

5) On the left side we have the National and State Call for Action links so that you can find local and national Action Items.

6) Members will be able to send approved messages to other members.

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