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Virginia Action Call

LifeNews.com has a call for action going out to Virginia voters.  HB 189 “is headed for the Virginia state Senate after getting a successful committee vote and House approval. The pro-life measure would subject abortion centers to the same safety requirements the state has for hospitals.”


Why shouldn’t abortion mills be required to maintain safety standards?

It’s another example of how the abortion industry skirts by all “common sense” regulations.  Planned Parenthood & the other mills pretend that abortion is not a medical procedure.  I’m sure the children who are killed in the womb would disagree, and the women who are quickly shipped to hospitals after botched abortions probably would too.

It is silly that any doctor can perform abortions anyway.  If you are an eye doctor you qualify to rip children out of the safety of their mother’s wombs.

At first pro-aborts in government were worried that the safety requirements would be too strict.  But…

That concern was lessened when the House adopted an amendment indicating that abortion centers don’t have to comply with the structural requirements in the bill as long as they can get women out of the building quickly on a gurney or stretcher to a medical facility in cases of emergency.


How about an amendment stating that the child must come out of the facility alive?  Oh yeah, that would negate the need for the facility!

God forbid logic kicks in.

Click here to find your Legislator & let him/her know that abortion mills should have the same safety standards as hospitals.


United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

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Posted by Turnstile on 02/08 at 10:24 AM
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