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“We do have a refund offset mechanism”


“We do have a refund offset mechanism”

Those were words from the IRS enforcement representative (read worm) while describing what they will do if you don’t buy a new Socialist health care plan.  You shouldn’t overpay the government anyway.  A ‘refund’ is only the IRS giving you your own money back after you paid too much.  If you had that money in the bank you could earn interest.

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If only people understood how much money we currently pay for the killing of innocent human beings.  Billions of dollars are spent on embryonic stem cell research, cloning and other human killing research.  Planned Parenthood is federally funded (yes, your tax dollars) for killing people to the tune of $350 million dollars every single year.

I don’t focus on the money side of things generally, I just try to get people to understand that the intentional killing of people is a little more important than a few tax dollars.  I had to point out how words can be used to make something seem innocuous.  Kind of like abortion…it’s so non-descriptive, clinical.  We should really say pre-natal murder or child killing to get people to understand what’s behind the word.

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~ Divided they die

Peter Shinn

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