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Why Does Obama Need A Civilian National Security Force?

During the presidential campaign Barack Obama said the following:

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Why does Barrack Obama need a civilian national security force? What are the national security objectives? Who is threatening this country from within? It’s basically anybody who disagrees with him.

First, there’s the obvious enemy, Rush Limbaugh. The Left controls the White House, the Congress, almost all the media, but they are totally obsessed with Rush Limbaugh. They just don’t have a spine to accept anyone who has a dissenting opinion.

Next is Fox News, or as Obama calls them, “the cable channels.” Glenn Beck on Fox this past week pursued this civilian army subject in great detail. He asked for the White House to clarify their position, but they had no response. In fact, Fox daily has opposing opinions on shows such as The Factor and Hannity. Much of their other news is pretty much down the middle, something that is not acceptable to Obama and the Left.

Sarah Palin is in a class all by herself that the civilian force must deal with. Why do they even bother with her since they basically said she was inconsequential when running with McCain. They basically claimed she was a mayor from some dinky town and a short-term governor of a state that had more moose than people. The liberals are fairly ignorant when dealing with her. She mentions “death panels” on her Facebook page, and instead of shutting up about it they go berserk and the whole nation latches on to the term. Gee - I don’t know if a whole civilian army would be able to stop her.

The army must be used to stop regular citizens from voicing their opinions at town hall meetings. Well, that has already started. Within days after Obama made the announcement that those opposed should just stop talking and move out of the way, the union thugs came in droves to the town halls. Their mission was basically to intimidate the everyday folks. His Service Employees International Union Army must stop these disgruntled senior terrorists NOW!

The primary group that Obama wants to send his army after is the pro-lifers. I believe President Obama thinks this is one of the most despicable groups around. Why? Because they are effective in community pro-life displays or doing sidewalk counseling in front of one of his favorite businesses - Planned Parenthood. I’m 100% convinced he will send his thugs to disrupt any pro-life display. Another goal is to control content on the internet, which will undoubtedly include pro-life sites. He already developed the snitch website .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to report on information about the health care bill that seemed fishy. There’s a bill that would give the president emergency control of non-governmental sites if there is a cyber-security threat.

Why are pro-lifers such a threat? Because they have the truth on their side when it pertains to the unborn. I believe deep down the liberals led by Obama know that abortion is just the killing of an innocent baby, but they just can’t handle the truth. The health care debate is obviously about control of people, and Obama is using health care as a vehicle to obtain that control. The unborn are easiest to control because they have no way to voice their disapproval of being killed. Those who speak for them are a force that must be destroyed. He will go beyond the usual union thugsters and recruit regular non-union citizens to join the civilian army to stamp this movement out.

President Obama is banking on the fact that the vast majority of Americans will quietly sit by and let their government do whatever they want. We have a history of protests in this country, but realistically it’s usually a very few Americans protesting. Most just go about their daily routine of being good citizens, raising their family, going to work, school, and church. Obama and the Left didn’t expect the negative reaction they received during the town hall meetings. These average Americans spoke out, so Obama did what every good liberal is supposed to do - attack the ones speaking out. They have called town hall attendees unruly mobs, swastika carrying mobs, brown shirts, racists, stupid, blah, blah, blah.

Americans need to keep strongly opposing this administration’s attempt to control every aspect of their lives, especially our constitutional right to voice our opinion. This requires a thick skin because they will attack, attack, attack. The best way to look at it is that the more they attack, the more effective you must have been. Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin have been demonized on a daily basis, but they have a backbone and keep speaking out. The usual quiet general populace needs to have that same mentality or otherwise Obama’s civilian national security force will be controlling them.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 09/01 at 11:12 PM
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