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Monday, April 04, 2011

16th Street Chronicles/ Wed. Mar. 30/Thurs. Mar.31/ Fri. April 1/ Sat. April 2, 2011‏


Note that there were 6 children’s lives saved this week bringing the total number of children’s lives saved to 23 so far during the current 40 Days for Life, at 16th Street, since it began on
Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

16th STREET CHRONICLES-, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center. 

No. of sidewalk counselors: 1 (Dick)
No. of prayer warriors;  8 (Carolyn, plus 6 “40 Days for Life prayer warriors )
No. of deathscorts: 4
No. of abortion minded woman: 11
No. of children’s lives saved: 2                                                      
With the first child’s life saved an abortion minded young girl, Tina, came in with an older woman friend.  I counseled them as they went down the entrance walkway and through the doors.  A while later the woman she was with came out and I tried to counsel her about Tina if she was thinking of abortion.  She was flippant saying it’s Tina’s decision and Tina already decided.  She couldn’t and wouldn’t try to change her mind.  When the woman came back, I tried again to get Tina to come out to no avail.  At the glass doors and window a while later I spotted the young girl sitting and reading some papers they gave her. I caught her eye and tried to offer help again out loud through the glass window.  When someone opened the door to enter or leave I again petitioned Tina to not let them take her child’s life that we have help for her.  About 45 minutes later they both came out and Tina told she decided to not have the abortion.  I gave her a pair of baby booties for her baby’s first gift.  She didn’t need any other help.

With the second child’s life saved and Hispanic came in and I tried to counsel her in Spanish for a few seconds time that I had.  She came out about an hour later and walked towards L Street and then crossed 16th Street.  I walked with her and talked to her in my limited Spanish.  She told she was pregnant and was abortion minded.  I asked her in Spanish about 3 times and she repeated she was pregnant and abortion minded each time.  To make sure I showed her the words in the Spanish language flyer and she confirmed that she was pregnant and abortion minded.  She left and never returned.  Let us pray that she never returns for an abortion.

No. of children’s lives saved:  1

16th STREET CHRONICLES-, Thursday, March 31, 2011

16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.

No. of sidewalk counselors:  1 (Dick)
No. of prayer warriors; 1
No. of deathscorts: 3    
No. of abortion minded woman: 12
No. of children’s lives saved:  1 With this save a young teenage girl apparently pregnant came in with her mother.  As they walked to the entrance door I talked to the mother, offering her help for her daughter if she is pregnant and thinking of abortion, that woman can die from abortion or be injured for life and maybe never be able to have a child again, that women deserve better than the violence of abortion and to please love her daughter and to not put her in harms way.  She responded with “I’m not sure what I’ll do.”  They both came out about an hour later and left.  They wouldn’t talk to me.  They never returned.


16th STREET CHRONICLES- Friday, April 1, 2011

16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.

No. of sidewalk counselors/prayer warriors; 1 (Carolyn - 3 to 5 PM)
No. of deathscorts:  0
No. of abortion minded woman:  ?

With this child’s life saved Carolyn spoke with a young man who said his girl friend was inside for an abortion.  Carolyn managed to talk to him a number of times and gave him some literature.  Finally they both came and left, telling Carolyn they did not have the planned abortion. 


16th STREET CHRONICLES- Saturday, April 2, 2011

16th Street NW Planned Parenthood Child Killing Center.

No. of sidewalk counselors:  5 (Dick, Elizabeth, Eva, Tony, Jason)
No. of prayer warriors; 86
No. of deathscorts: 5
No. of abortion minded woman: 18
No. of children’s lives saved:  2   This story involves twins that were saved from abortion.  I intercepted the father of the twins coming out sometime after they first entered the mill.  I walked with him all the way down L Street to 17th Street.  He didn’t know his wife was having twins as far as I can tell.  He told me the decision was already made to have the abortion.  It was his wife’s decision and he didn’t really want an abortion.  I gave him all the reason’s why not to have an abortion and asked him to go back in and to stand up for his child that he didn’t want his child to be torn to pieces and end up in a sewer or landfill.  I gave him some literature and he decided he would try to talk her out of the abortion.  I went back to the front of the mill.  His wife was standing on the corner smoking.  He came back and talked to her very gently and calmly.  He hugged her and then they re-entered the mill.  I decided to not say anything and let the guy do what he said he would do.  They came out about 20 minutes later and the guy told me she had changed her mind about having an abortion and thanked me for my help.  I offered them a pair of booties.  He said ok but he needs two pairs because his wife is having twins.  Praise God!

Posted by News Hound on 04/04 at 09:02 PM
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