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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Response to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Others on “Exceptions”

Response to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Others on “Exceptions”
juda myers 10/28/2010

Several people have come to me saying,“Did you hear what Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity said?” I can say I have not heard them with my own ears. But it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard “I’m not for abortion, except in the cases of rape…” People say that from their own security of being and staying alive. My question to them is, “How is a rape conceived child any less human than any other baby?” If you believe murder is wrong then it is wrong for everyone. One cannot say killing babies is wrong then kill a few that you don’t like medically or socially. That is not pro life. That is pro choice, choosing who can live and who must die. If one believes in a God that creates all humans, then it is going against God to kill one of these innocent humans- the most vulnerable.

A young volunteer for Personhood was attacked by the media for posting that abortions are like the Holocaust. Why are they attacking the messenger instead of going after the ones killing millions of innocent babies? The facts are there. But the focus isn’t. Millions of babies have been destroyed. So many women have suffered physically and emotionally from not knowing all that their choice encompassed.

Slavery was a horror that has been abolished here in the U.S. At one time, some people viewed people of color as non human. I can’t even begin to understand that. Now we have a portion of society that is faced with the same dilemma. They are the babies conceived in rape.

I was conceived when eight men raped my mother and society at once was ready with the “throwaway” stamp. But my mother refused, knowing that God is the author of all life. Her mother wanted to abort me even when it wasn’t legal. My mother stood firm. With the help of a Catholic priest she was able to find a safe place to give birth and place me for adoption. If the definition of a hero is one life saving another, then truly my mother and this priest are my heroes.



My mother was able to forgive those men and find peace. Forgiveness isn’t saying it was okay. It is setting oneself free from the prison of that event.

It seems that people, in many parts of the world are not able to separate the act of rape and the innocent baby. In the U.S. cases like mine have been the stepping stone to abortion ala carte. “Surely you can’t expect a young girl to give birth to a rape child!” I hear this over and over.

On the evening of a Planned Parenthood Gala for the world’s second largest facility, a man approached me as I stood in protest. He was very polite wanting to ask me a question. I was eager to hear his question. “Could you expect a woman to give birth after being raped?” Wow, I was so happy he asked.  I told him that indeed I could because I was conceived in a gang rape and most grateful for my mother saving my life. He was speechless and wide eyed. His wife jerked him away. He never said a word. 

What do you think of when someone says “pregnant by rape”? I bet you’re thinking of the act or the man/men and the pain the woman endured. But what about the baby? What if saving the baby can actually save the woman too? Many women have told me they felt healing from the rape by saving the child. They were able to deal with the rape better because evil didn’t win. One 13 year old stated she had something to live for after the rape.  Two wrongs never make a right and that applies to the rape conceived also.

1. First abortion never unrapes a woman. The act has happened and the woman needs healing not more violence.
2. She has been violated in the same area of her body that will be violated again in an abortion. No healing there, but only added trauma.
3. Giving birth, instead of abortion, is not only beneficial to the body, but will enable the woman to be a hero versus a victim.
4. A human that has done nothing wrong will have a chance at life just as any other human deserves. Killing one human, kills generations of people.
5. Abortion leaves a woman empty, literally and spiritually. It may take years to realize how the trauma of abortion has affected her life.
6. The baby has a completely different DNA, not “her body” but the child is still a child of the mother. Abortion destroys part of the woman too.
7. There are so many complications with abortions. Women should give birth and place the child for adoption. It is much safer and healthier.

If people are assumed innocent until proven guilty then why are rape conceived babies sentenced to death for the crime of their fathers? Isn’t this the greatest injustice? Why is it that pro aborts aren’t campaigning to end rape instead of the lives of innocent babies? Why is a baby killed, but the rapist goes free?

Every time I speak publicly I am approached by women who were raped and either kept their child or placed them for adoption. Many conceived in rape children also come to me. Some come in shame put on them by society and others come with their heads held high knowing the life of a baby is always a gift from God. To those who say that is an excuse for rape I would like to offer a different view.

I believe that all life is created by God, not man. Man cannot create life even in test tubes. Yes, some life may happen but man didn’t create it. If they had the formula for life there wouldn’t ever be a barren woman wanting a child. I don’t know why God puts children in the places he does but I have no doubt that He knows what He’s doing. So therefore even in cases of rape, God is the creator.

I hope to find many other people like myself so that we can help others know that we are a viable and contributing part of society that should not be killed off. I have many already and their stories can be found here. I hope that the stories I’ll be sharing will make people aware of the joy of life that is possible after the horror of becoming pregnant in rape. If you are someone like me or a mother (adopted or birth) please contact me. Your story is vital to the preservation of life for other babies targeted for death. 

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



Posted by Juda Myers on 10/28 at 09:51 PM
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