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Thursday, November 05, 2009


There are a few events that occurred “On the Front Lines” during this 40 Days for Life Campaign that I want to share with you all. But I believe that I will start at the end. Or perhaps, I’ll change that from ‘the end’ to our ‘new beginning.’

The campaign ended with a Jericho March around the abortion mill on Sunday evening, led by Pastor Danny. We had a decent turnout - and they all went home. The wall are still standing!

Monday morning, With my 36 year old son to accompany me, I left for the abortion mill not knowing what to expect upon arrival since the campaign was officially over. I had invited all to join me if they could. 

When we arrived at the abortion mill, I was so blessed to find a lone woman, standing guard as it were, with rosary in hand. We set up our chairs, the water bottles, my son took out his Bible. I took rosary beads from the case and headed over to stand beside her to pray.  A slight nod to each other just to acknowledge our mutual presence.

When she came to the end of reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, we exchanged a few pleasantries, spoke about the success of the presence of the prayer warriors, and I told her what the plan was for Adopt the Mills. She likes the idea; this pleases me. She seems lukewarm though, and this puzzles me. I felt that she is waiting for us to prove ourselves to her.  I can’t do that. I’m not there for “her” and neither are you should you decide to show up at our local mill one cold morning with your thermos of coffee or cocoa and your blankets and prayers.

I knew I was there for the babies, for the moms - the dads - the grandparents - all who were at great risk of losing something very special forever. This was affirmed by the irritation upon the face of the nurse as she was coming out of the driveway at lunchtime—she thought this was over. Well my message is to her, her co-workers, her bosses—it’s never going to be over until we all get together and share what we have - prayers, ideas, information—and close the doors of every mill just as they did in Kalispell, MT.

I hope that we will hear from all of you - write in - email us - send your stories - successes and “perceived” failures alike (yes it merely a perception of failure, for if you were there to make their voices heard, you have not failed at all)- all you experienced while on “The Front Lines.”

And remember: every life saved is a miracle to behold indeed!

Posted by Kathleen Kane on 11/05 at 06:50 AM
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