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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are We Against Abortifacient Birth Control?

  One thing that struck me in the hearings for HR 536 was the testimony of the doctor panel. They were in unanimous agreement that to declare life begins at conception would outlaw the patch, ring, birth control pills and the IUD because all of these methods are abortifacients. In other words, these birth control measures will kill embryos. Anyone who imagined that Christians aren’t killing off their own offspring with abortive measures should think long and hard about birth control pills. Doctors will not admit to patients that they are abortifacients, but in testimony before legislators, there was unanimous agreement.

Personally, the pastor who performed our marriage ceremony recommended that I use birth control pills for at least the first year of marriage. He, of course, had no idea that birth control pills are abortifacients, but this ignorance is rampant in the church and dangerous. We need to look at the people and pharmaceutical companies who have developed chemical means of inhibiting births. In our country, it flowed out of the American Eugenics Society and American Birth Control Society. Margaret Sanger was involved in both, and then moved on to found Planned Parenthood.

There are safe, natural ways to space children, but a medical community that does not value human life at the earliest stage is not going to explore, develop or recommend those methods.

If you are in support of HR 536 and HB 1, and you or your spouse are using IUD, birth control pills or the patch, you must re-examine your world view in theory and in practice. We have absorbed a lie from people who wish to exterminate Jews, Christians and African-Americans, and have embraced abortifacients as an acceptable method of family planning. We have diluted the value of embryos and humans at the earliest stages of development.

I have never heard of an Ob-Gyn who admitted that birth control pills and the patch are an abortifacients. But on a medical panel of 6 doctors who did not converse prior to the hearing, nor did they know each other, they unanimously testified that all these methods would be outlawed under the Human Life Amendment because they kill embryos.

That is today’s uncomfortable truth.

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 02/28 at 01:48 PM
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