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Friday, June 13, 2008

Beanie Babies Being Used to Save Human Babies!

One of Atlanta's sidewalk counselors shares how God is using Beanie Babies to save lives, and she's calling for donations of new/used Beanie Babies (or we'll take any kind of stuffed animals)!

by Nancy

Beanie Babies are helping “Sidewalk Counselors” to save real babies!

Well, actually God is the one saving the babies AND their Moms.
Here is the “rest of the story”:

There are eleven or more abortion mills in the Atlanta Metro area & they all do abortions at least 3 or 4 days a week at the rate of 10-30 a day (sometimes more). We want desperately to be able to help the Lord save all those babies every week.
The women and their unborn babies do not need the false compassion of abortion, but true love, real love, love that is life giving. The Beanie Babies help us portray that kind of love to these often desperate women and men. The “sidewalk counselors” and their prayer partners with them at the abortion mills are the last hope for changing minds and saving families. We are all trying to take the love of Jesus to these woman and their vulnerable unborn babies.

Several months ago one of the counselors tried the idea of having Beanie babies work for her in gaining entry into the consciousness of some of these moms. And guess what, the Beanies are so cute and loveable that it worked! Moms are stopping to talk with us, Moms are believing that we are there out of love! And moms are changing their minds.

We put the little Beanie Baby in a clear plastic bag, together with a nice note, contact info and a list of all the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the area plus the national help number - 1-800-395 HELP (remember that one).  Others attach sandwich bags with the info inside to the stuffed animals with a rubberband.

Now, you know what Beanie Babies are helping us to do! I would like to be able to supply all the “Sidewalk Counselors” with an unlimited supply of Beanies. They don’t need to be new, just clean and they don’t have to be the “brand” name (Ty). So, if you could ask your friends, neighbors and relatives for all their forgotten Beany Babies, we can place them where they will be loved again!

We’d love to have you on the sidewalk praying with us, so anytime you can come, just let me know.  I go on Friday mornings at 6:15, but there are other times available.

You may bring the Beanies to me at St. Brigid Catholic Church, or I can come and pick them up. I remember from working Beacon of Hope’s yard sales that each year a huge number of stuffed toys of all sizes are donated. Usually at least 2 large black garbage bags of Beanies are donated. So, they are often an item that people are willing to give up - since the idea of “getting rich quick” from their Beanie Baby collection has passed! 

Please pass this request along to your friends and contacts and get those Beanie Babies to us so they can help save families!
God Bless!

Please contact Nancy at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Margarita at 770/231-9807 to arrange donation of Beanies or other stuffed animals!

Posted by Margarita on 06/13 at 05:54 PM
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