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Friday, May 21, 2010

Counting on Kagan?

A few weeks ago, I warned about how President Obama was set on nominating a pro-abortion Supreme Court justice to replace Justice John Paul Stevens.  Well, the unfortunate event has happened, and Solicitor General Elena Kagan is making the rounds, trying to convince Washington politicians that she is right for the job.

What is most unfortunate about Ms. Kagan is that if she makes it to the Supreme Court, abortion will be legal for another generation or more.  At 50 years old, she would be the youngest justice on the Court, so she would likely be there for a very long time and we would have an uphill battle for another 30 or 40 years.  Some people have said that she does not have much of a “paper trail,” but enough is there in regards to abortion for pro-lifers to make our judgment.

There have been rumors that she urged President Clinton to support a Partial-Birth Abortion Ban – so wouldn’t that make her somewhat sympathetic to pro-lifers?  However, this was only a political move and did nothing to prevent abortions from happening.  CNS News uncovers this in detail in their online article from this Monday, May 17: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/66062  In short, the supposed “abortion ban” contained an exception for the “health” of the mother…which we all know allows abortion for pretty much any reason.  Also, according to Americans United for Life, she is linked to several pro-abortion organizations: she has donated to the National Partnership for Women and Families, and is associated with NARAL and Emily’s List, a political organization committed to promoting pro-abortion women candidates.  See http://www.aul.org/2010/05/the-kagan-file-the-abortion-connection-memo/

Laura Ingraham, in an interview with “The Today Show” on Wednesday, May 12, reminded us that Obama wanted this next Supreme Court justice to “reflect the values of ordinary citizens.” http://lauraingraham.com/b/VIDEO:-Laura-on-the-Today-Show/-183804242220154306.html  Well, Mr. President, here is some news for you: ordinary citizens are pro-life!  A recent Gallup poll has shown the trend that more Americans are labeling themselves as pro-life than pro-choice.  On May 14, Gallup reported that 47% label themselves as pro-life, while 45% label themselves as pro-choice.  The Obama administration is clearly ignoring this shift in public opinion during this past year and is not standing by their promise of listening to the people’s will.  Elena Kagan, an elitist, does not reflect the values of ordinary Americans, and we cannot count on her to uphold the sanctity of human life.

All is not lost, however grim these circumstances may be.  Students for Life of America and LifeNews.com have partnered in a petition called “I Oppose Kagan.”  It may be signed at: http://www.iopposekagan.com

Posted by Malori Fuchs on 05/21 at 01:53 AM
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