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Monday, June 23, 2008

Do Pro-Choicers Really Believe What They Say?

There are several reasons that pro-choicers give for having an abortion. The main ones are:

1. Every child should be a wanted child.
2. It’s in the woman’s body, so she can have an abortion, even if she believes it’s human.
3. The baby will interfere with work, school, or the mother’s social life.
4. The child will live in poverty or other negative social conditions.
5. If the mother is a drug addict, then the child will likely be addicted.
6. We should be able to abort deformed and handicapped babies.

Do abortion proponents really believe what they are saying? The evidence says emphatically NO. If they really believed this, why aren’t they advocating that the children born into tough situations be put to death? This sounds ludicrous, but it logically follows from their argument. Also, do they really believe that they should be able to kill a human inside of them? With a strong self-examination of this belief, I think many would change their mind. What do they tell all the single mothers who are struggling with work or school? I don’t believe they would dare tell them that they should have aborted their child in the womb or that their child they now have should be killed.

Do they really believe that if a baby is born into poverty, addicted to drugs, or whatever they deem not to be a perfect situation, then the child is going to be in that condition the rest of its life? Often they don’t look at the big picture. They don’t want to give the child a chance to live and usually have their conditions change. What do they tell the parents taking care of a disabled child? I don’t believe they would ever tell them that it would have been easier on them and the child if he or she was aborted.

The pro-life argument, though, follows consistently from conception to death. The belief is that every life is valuable no matter what the unborn child might face when born. When the baby is born into whatever situation, it still is a life that should be cherished until death.

It then seems that the pro-choice advocates are pro-life after the baby is born. This means that if someone lives to be 75, then the pro-choicers are actually pro-life about 99% of the time. Their view of euthanasia would change this percentage slightly. Then we have the pro-lifers who are pro-life 100% of the time. The result is that the 1% view is the one that is legal in this country, with a disregard for the 99% pro-life belief.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 06/23 at 10:48 AM
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