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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

E PLURIBUS UNUM in unity is strength

I am extremely thankful to be a part of the noble efforts of selfless individuals that are doing the necessary things to STOP the ongoing holocaust murder of thousands of preborn American children everyday in the USA.
I can make the contribution to make the mass media of aerial sky signs (large graphic airborne billboards) available to intrusively educate the public at large, and draw attention to the efforts to save preborn children from the ungodly, uncivilized, barbaric, unconstitutional murder that is protected by ‘judicial opinion given the color of law’.
I am also interested in helping to unite other people and organizations to activate the natural and proper protection for precious preborn people (posterity). HR 618 in the 110th Congress is such legislation and needs massive attention and activity to motivate our elected Representatives to seek justice for preborn Americans.
Stratigic united efforts are imperative to expose the horrific injustice, proclaim the barbaric truth of what legalized murder of preborn humans, and expose the LIES that a ‘supreme court’ has manipulated upon the public to legalize the first degree murder of voiceless preborn children. NOWHERE IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION does it even mention any-ones right to privacy to murder another human being. It’s past time that we hold the Supreme Court justices accountable for their Unconstitutional opinions. Read the Constitution for yourself, it is for WE THE PEOPLE, not we the justices or we the government, but WE THE MORAL MAJORITY PEOPLE.
May I reaffirm that The US Constitution never mentions a ‘separation of church and state’ especially in the context that the ACLU is exploiting to nullify Godly morality and stability to society.
To unify our efforts, and ‘prayerfully’ synergize our actions, contact me Bob Gilbert A VOICE for the UNBORN
@775 722-1212 leave a message, or unborncryforjustice@yahoo.com

Posted by Bob Gilbert on 12/04 at 04:58 PM
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