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Friday, April 23, 2010

“Florida stands to send an S.O.S: Save our Souls!”


Local pro-life organization mobilizes state in a call to action as the new civil rights movement

Forty years ago, the young people of this generation rose up in non-violent protest against racism. There is another civil rights movement calling this current generation into activism: the pro-life movement. One local organization is rising up to the challenge: Resound Missions Base in Orlando, Florida with a S.O.S. Cry rally at the UCF Memory Mall Saturday, April 24, from 10am-4pm, with a state-wide siege on May 1st. Resound has partnered with OHOP, (Orlando House of Prayer) and other state leaders, pro-life and student groups, is gathering a state to the biggest pro-life stand in Florida’s history.

“James Pendegraft once said, ‘If the evangelical church would stop having abortions, I’d be out of business.’ The issue of abortion is absolutely the issue of the church,” Leah Ramirez, co-director of Resound Mission Base, quotes in response to the well-known African-American abortionist who runs EPOC. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, they’re not waiting for legislation to make abortion illegal. She and her husband, Larry, as part of this younger generation, want to motivate their peers to change public opinion first.

“We just heard that 77% of all black pregnancies end in abortion; the church has a job to do. More than beautiful music and eloquent sermons, the church is to be the demonstration of God’s heart in the earth. When we stop speaking against injustice, when we shy away from upholding the standard of morality, when we stop standing in alignment with the Bible, are we still the church? Orlando needs an awakening, and we need to care about what God cares about. History shows, nations that sacrificed their children for the sake of convenience and prosperity were eventually judged,” Leah Ramirez says.

Resound Missions Base is a local school of ministry and a church, centered around a house of prayer. Last year, they held their first annual Walk4Life in 9 different regions of Central Florida, as each area engaged in a silent prayer march, praying for the ending of abortion. Recently, they were invited by TheCall Institute, Bound4Life, along with other houses of prayer, to come to Houston. Why? There is a 78,000 square foot Planned Parenthood building in Houston due to open this March. When did this take place? During Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday weekend this month. They led a “civil-rights style” march through the Hispanic and Black neighborhoods near this abortion supercenter, with 10,000 following, while over 4,200 people silently prayed at the center. Houston channel KPRC covered this event and footage can be seen at http://www.click2houston.com/news/22267602/detail.html

Bound4Life is a national pro-life organization which recruits local churches and groups throughout the U.S., and Resound Missions Base is one of 2 chapters in Orlando. Every week, Resound stands and praying with red tape over their mouth that reads…“Life”; this represents the voice of the baby in the mother who remains unheard. Their national director, Matt Lockett, will also be speaking on Saturday as well, including Rep Scott Plakon, Erick Isnauggle, and Afro-American Republican candidate Deon Long, Mat Staver of Liberty Council, Flip Benigan, to name a few of the speakers.

Their “dream” would be that the civil rights movement for the unborn will spark an ongoing campaign of pro-life activism by the church in Florida. After all, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was started in the church. And the church of Florida has responded: David Uth from First Baptist Church of Orlando, Bishop Wenski from the Diocese of Orlando, Calvary Chapel, Campus Crusade of Christ, Victorious Fellowship Christian Center, El Calvario, New Life Missionary Baptist Church and more.

For more information, go to http://www.Stand4Life.info. Dr. Alveda King, national pro-life spokesman and niece to Dr. Martin Luther King has endorsed this event and stated, “How can the dream survive if we murder our children?” It starts with sending out an S.O.S.

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES AND INTERVIEWS, please contact Nicole Hawkins
407-406-1525         .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)        http://www.stand4life.info

Posted by News Hound on 04/23 at 08:15 PM
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