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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gala Will Honor Mothers For Saving Rape Babies

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Read this article at http://prolifeunity.com

Kimberly Scot, AL. Misty Ramshur, TX. Kimberly Smith, MO. Edith Parkman, MS. Danielle Kleber, PA. and Brooke Bida, TX. are just a few mothers to be honored as heroes.

Heroes save lives? These women are no different for saving their baby against society’s death wish.

Women who have been raped and become pregnant can tell you about the horrible weight of shame they are forced to carry by society. And when they choose to save their baby’s life then attacks come from the general public, their own families and even those declaring themselves as pro lifers.  Ever hear someone say “Yes I’m very pro life but in cases of rape I think a woman should have the right to abort”? That statement in itself is shame put on the woman and her child. Why is her child less human than others? It is the rapist that deserves shame and punishment.

I’ve heard horrible things said to and about mothers of rape babies. “She must have wanted to be raped if she wants the baby of a rapist”,  “She shouldn’t have to carry that thing”, or not wanting that “gene pool of a rapist” entering the “Louisiana citizenry.”  Over and over women and children of rape are insulted directly or indirectly. Even comments like “it’s only 1%” cuts to the heart. Excluding children of rape/incest from the basic right to life is ungodly at its root.

For too long society has spoken for women and children of rape conception. Only a very few have been brave enough to speak out. No longer will we remain silent as our peers are sacrificed to the abortion god. Therefore the time has come to honor women who have stood against society to save their children of rape conception. Women are now emboldened to speak for themselves and their children. The public needs to know the love these women have for their children regardless of how they were conceived. God is the author life- ALL life.

On November 20, 2011, in Humble,Texas (suburb of Houston) CHOICES4LIFE will host the first ever Honor For Life Awards Gala to honor these women in an attempt to erase the centuries of shame from them. Women from around the country will be rewarded for their act of heroism.

CHOICES4LIFE was formed to restore honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception. There is no other specific organization doing that to my knowledge. Women who become pregnant through rape will find loving support from CHOICES4LIFE without condemnation. Whether they decide to place the child for adoption or choose to raise the child they will find help. The goal for the organization is to also give financial assistance in the first years if a woman chooses to raise the child and has difficulties. 

There are many that will receive this Honor for Life Award. Each story is unique but all are heroes. Some conceived in date rape, others conceived in incest and still others were brutally attacked by strangers. One was raped by a minister. They all deserve to be recognized for saving a life. That’s really what heroes do.

I’ll be highlighting each recipient’s story in the coming weeks.

Women like Misty Ramshur was raped at fifteen. She was kicked out of her home and was living with an uncle. She was asked to make phone calls for a friend and out of those phone calls she met the rapist. He came to where she was living and forced himself on her. She felt helpless and scared so she did nothing and told no one, as so many other women.  The rapist continued on a regular basis, even taking her in public places, until she became pregnant. With a sonogram picture in her hand she feared for her life. He asked “Is that mine?” and something told her to say no. He was shocked and scared enough to leave and never come back. This young heroic woman chose to not only give birth but to love and raise her child.

Every human has a purpose in being on this earth. No one is the exception. This child who is half black and half white, is the reason racial prejudices were eliminated in her family. She married an amazing man who has loved her son as his own. They have five children now. This child is wanted, loved, and cannot be replaced and his mother has no regrets for his life.

If you see the incredible worth of every child join with me to honor these women. This can change the way people look at all life.

Rape/incest babies have been the excuse for abortion, but 55 million have died of which “only 1%” are rape/incest. And in Texas “fetal abnormalities” was added to the exceptions for viewing a sonogram. It won’t get better by adding to the list of exceptions. We cannot continue doing the same thing expecting different results. I’ve been told this is the definition of insanity. If you are bold enough to stand for ALL life we need you.  Jesus said the good shepherd left the 99 and went after the one. Rape/incest is that one and the one that will end abortion for all if they are no longer sacrificed to the abortion god.

Financial support as well as volunteers are needed anywhere in the country. Frequent flier miles will enable these women to be at the Gala to receive their award.

YOU can make a huge difference. Thirty eight years around the abortion mountain, let’s do it God’s way and enter the promised land in 2 years.Why do we still have a group of people targeted for “acceptable” prejudice and death? Let’s end the final prejudices.

Call today 281.451.8460 to see how you can help. Nothing is too small. Pray above all else.

CHOICES4LIFE is a valuable resource for all pro life groups as well as pregnancy centers.Please share www.CHOICES4LIFE.org with everyone so that all human life might have a right to be born. Please share this link with those who are affected by rape conception. It is a private support group for birth mothers, children, and adopted parents to have support from all sides.



Posted by Juda Myers on 07/14 at 02:07 PM
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