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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Gift of Life More Powerful Than Pain                         Honor For Life Awards

Gift of Life More Powerful Than Pain
Honor For Life Awards


With childbirth one thinks of pain. There are some of us that gave birth without pain but that rarely happens. There can be screaming and crying during childbirth but many women continue having children. The joy of a new life surpasses all pain. For most the physical pain is long forgotten once the baby is born. For others the pain they feel is deeper than physical and can last a lifetime.

While mothers are celebrated on Mother’s Day there are some that have haunting thoughts of the day they became pregnant. There are far more than society knows. Many have been abandoned for having chosen life for their baby. But they remain certain that choosing life was the best possible choice. Their pain is changed to joy in the presence of life.

One woman who was raped found herself pregnant. Upon seeing the positive pregnancy test she thought “get it out of me” then in the same thought she realized that the best way to fight the “enemy” was to give birth to this child who was her child. Evil wants us to destroy anything that resembles God. This child as all human life is made in His image. What better victory for the devil than to destroy a human baby?  But what a great victory when women understand the gift of life comes from our Creator and not from a man. God just chooses to place a child in the womb. When and where is His prerogative alone. Even scientists and doctors cannot make life each time they try.

Women are strong and smart enough to know the difference between a rapist and a baby. Those who are not negatively influenced by society or family and friends will realize what a blessing the gift of life truly is.

image image
Let’s take a look at Brooke Bida, who conceived in violence, a beautiful half Asian baby.  A man went into her apartment and attacked her. She, like many others, told no one and shoved the memory into the deepest parts of her mind - forgotten she thought. But months later she would find that she was pregnant. She still did nothing, never thinking about abortion but living in shock and disbelief. Even complications did not make her consider abortion.


imageimageBrooke had complications with her pregnancy in her last month. She had eclampsia. The only known treatments for eclampsia or advancing pre-eclampsia are abortion or delivery, either by induction or Caesarean section. She gained 100 lbs. with 20 lbs. water weight in a matter of two days. Traumatized at conception and during pregnancy Brooke never regretted her decision to give birth. She gave birth after two days of labor when an emergency delivery was induced.

Adoption had been Brooke’s preferred option. Usually a child may stay with the mother for a day. Brooke however was able to hold, love and nurture her baby for one month before she placed her baby in the arms of new parents. While her child did not “look” like Brooke she was definitely Brooke’s daughter. This mother made the sacrifice for her child .She wanted the best for her. Brooke knew having a mom and dad who could care for her baby in all ways was the best she could do.  Love was her motive for her precious baby. She became a hero not only to her daughter but to a family.


Abortion can never bring any joy. Life brings joy unspeakable.

Today Brooke longs to embrace her baby again. She is not happy to “be rid of her” as some might think. That baby was loved by her mother even though she was conceived in violence. Brooke gave life to her daughter and is to be honored as a mother and a hero.

Please join CHOICES4LIFE to honor women like Brooke on November 20, 2011. Women from around the country will travel to Houston for an historical event to replace shame with honor for saving the life of persons conceived in rape. Your help is needed.

Please consider “adopting” an honoree. Travel and lodging expenses are needed.  Brooke lives in Texas but will need lodging. Other women are traveling from other states and will need airfare and lodging.  Will you be a hero to a hero and help her to accept her award in person?

Call 281.451.8460 for details or visit www.choices4life.org to meet these women of honor.

Be part of an historical paradigm shift. Make a difference for life.



Posted by Juda Myers on 08/04 at 10:21 PM
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