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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love Everyone

I Love Everyone
juda myers 10.31.2010

If anyone has lived any length of time they will find someone who misunderstands them. Sometimes hurt in a person’s life will make everything they see distorted. Insecurities are a huge factor in viewing others wrongly.

I want to address an article that was written about me some time ago. It is impossible to agree 100% with anyone, even ourselves, 100% of the time. In a discussion online with a young person who says he is Catholic, there was indeed much confusion. He came away saying I hate Catholics because his heart was hardened and hurt. I asked for forgiveness for offending him but he was not interested.  Even when other Catholics advised him to show Christ to me and forgive he refused. Look in any bible and you will find, Matthew 6:14-15 (Catholic online)14 ‘Yes, if you forgive others their failings, your heavenly Father will forgive you yours; 15 but if you do not forgive others, your Father will not forgive your failings either.’

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There are many people who feel there is one correct bible but I have found that most bibles say the same thing. Maybe using different words but the concept is still there. Yes I have my favorite bible but really if we were reading and following any of them we’d find our lives much better.  In 1989, in a custody case with my husband’s ex-wife (her husband was Catholic), the judge asked me what bible I thought was correct, Catholic or Protestant. I told her that if people would just read either and follow it that was the best! I absolutely believe that 100%.

Gerald Nadal, PhD stated in response to that same young man, “Juda, I’m a Catholic who loves his Church, loves her teaching and defends her with all of his heart, mind, body and soul. If anyone believes that you hate us, hate our Church, hate what she teaches, let them contact me. I don’t believe that our differences in ecclesiological perspectives qualifies you as a hater of Catholicism any more than it qualifies me as a hater of your Church. Your beauty speaks for itself and you should not feel compelled to defend against those who do not know you. I’d sooner believe in the Easter bunny than believe you hate Catholics.”

Dr. Nadal gets it and gets me! I love people and often refer to myself as the “cocker spaniel” of the human race. I am always excited to meet new people and offer love that will make their lives better. If you met me you’d know that.

I want to say that I teach on loving your enemy. If you’ve ever taught on anything spiritual you will soon find out that you will be tested in that area. Thank God forgiveness comes easy for me, but yes I am testing regularly. I do not see that young man as an enemy by any means but I am saying that if I teach on loving enemies surely I wouldn’t hate this man. Hate is a horrible word and a horrible way to live. It destroys the hater, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As far as his accusation of me and posting things picked from a much larger conversation well that only shows his heart not mine. How could I ever hate anyone and be a Christian? I cannot. Plus my life was saved by a priest helping my mother get to a safe place. Had the Catholic Church not taught that all life is valuable I wouldn’t be here today. My grandmother, even after my mother took her to the priest, still wanted my mother to abort me. My mother refused and the priest helped her give birth and place me for adoption. How can I ever hate the Catholic Church? 

In addition my adopted parents loved God, were Catholic, and taught me my foundation in Christ. I deeply loved my parents who are now with Jesus. My ex mother in law is Catholic and one of the finest examples of Christ I have ever witnessed. She calls me her daughter and I call her Mom, even today.

I don’t always agree with all that the Catholic or any church teaches. If we were to be honest there is always something that we disagree with. But for the overall good we join our imperfection to others with imperfections in the hope of living true to God and true to our conscience. I do believe that the Word of God is completely true and perfect. How each of us understands it is where the problems have rested always.

I pray that those who would want to believe a person trying to destroy me will see right through it all to see me as a person who truly loves everyone. I did not retaliate but forgave. God sees all and I can stand before Him with a clear conscience. I pray that those who want to believe lies seek God with all their heart and He will reveal to them who I am. I never say to people “Don’t judge me.” Instead I ask that true believers point out things in my life that are not scriptural. Why would I want to be deceived if I love God? So sometimes when I live that way with others they become offended as did this one young man. Most of the time people will take it because they know I love them.  This young man did not know me. He took my encouragement for him to seek the Lord for answers and not the approval of men to be an insult. I didn’t mean he wasn’t doing that already but just to continue.

Lastly I’d like people to consider the source of the condemnation. This person is known for attacking others. I happened to wander into his path. He is definitely hurting to act this way. Anyone who has been attacked by him should forgive freely as Jesus would. I have.

We should be united for Christ’s sake! He prayed to the Father that we’d be one as They are One. I have spoken in non Catholic churches as well as Catholic, praising the Catholic pro life stand. We need to unite for life! I will lock arms with anyone proclaiming Jesus as Lord and who follows His directives. Together we can bring glory to the Lord and share in His joy when His children love one another. That means loving me too.

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Posted by Juda Myers on 10/31 at 05:49 PM
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