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Monday, May 05, 2008

July 2 - NEA Teacher Convention Prayer & Picket

Pro-Lifers Encouraged to Picket NEA Convention & State HQs

Seize Opportunity of Extraordinary Media Presence as NEA Delegates Endorse Obama

Contact: Bob Pawson, National Coordinator, Pro-Life Educators And Students, 609-610-3522 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

WASHINGTON, June 23 /Christian Newswire/—Pro-Lifers are urged to go picket the National Education Association leadership’s abortion policies, actions, and agenda at the Washington Convention Center on July 2nd between 10:00AM and 2:00PM or NEA-State-Affiliate-HQs across America from 11:00AM through 1:00PM.

"We’re asking pro-life teachers, parents, students, clergy, and everybody else to come. Bring your pro-life friends, family members, and picket signs," said Bob Pawson, National Coordinator of Pro-Life Educators And Students, primary sponsor of the event.

"This is an incredibly unique media opportunity for Pro-Lifers. National and worldwide press coverage at NEA’s Convention should be massive because of NEA’s press release stating that NEA’s 9,000 delegates will ‘vote to recommend that NEA’s 3.2 million members support Barack Obama’. Obama will address the teachers at the NEA convention," said Pawson, an NEA-NJEA teacher from Trenton.

"Pro-lifers should give hundreds of TV crews, reporters, photographers, and radio microphones something wonderfully out-of-the-ordinary to report. NEA leaders pride themselves on doing the picketing; not being the target of picketing; especially on a nationwide scale by coalitions of pro-life NEA members, taxpayer parents, and students – the very people NEA supposedly serves," said Pawson.

"It is vital that individual pro-lifers reading or hearing this report commit themselves to personally attending these demonstrations. Your presence is needed and appreciated. Please recruit and mobilize others. Help rebuke the NEA leadership’s abortion activism."

Pawson says, "Pro-Life NEA members across America should run for union office at all levels; especially to become delegates to the NEA Convention. Help repeal NEA’s obnoxious ‘Reproductive Freedom’ resolution and policy statements regarding issues like Roe v Wade. Let’s restore good stewardship over our profession, our students, our union, and our dues monies. Reforming and rescuing the NEA is long overdue. We Christian and Pro-Life NEA members can implement the necessary changes – from within. Let’s go!"

Confirmed July 2 Pro-Life Press Conference Speakers:
Becky Banks – Students for Life of America
Jim Sedlak – American Life League
Rev. Clenard H. Childress – BlackGenocide.org
Peter Shinn – Pro-Life Unity
Missy Smith – Women Against Killing and Exploitation of Unprotected Persons
John Tomicki – League of American Families
Judy Bruns – Teachers Saving Children (NEA-Delegate)
Sissy Jochmann – NEA Conservative Educators Caucus (NEA-Delegate)
Bob Pawson – ProLife Educators And Students (NEA member)
Sissy Jochmann – NEA Conservative Educators Caucus (NEA-Delegate)
Charmaine Yoest - Family Research Council

Pro-Life leaders wishing to participate in the press conference should contact Bob Pawson.

Links: www.ProLifeEducators.com

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Pro-Life Leaders Promoting Nationwide Prayer&Picket of NEA

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